Who's Your Type?

As any regular type fanatic type will tell you right away, readability is the key. And yes, you shouldn’t try using all the “pretty/funky/cool” fonts available on the web for your main body of text (in print or on the web, doesn’t matter), cause unless your readers have an x-ray vision, THEY CAN’T READ IT! But, there’s always a case (get it? case!) for original “statement” font, created with a certain header in mind! Fonts made of unorthodox mediums are aplenty these days, and if used cleverly and sparsely, can pack quite a punch for your presentation. And just to make this a little more interesting, let’s present the fonts I’ve been admiring as personality types, each with their own kinks and quirks, but all creative and exciting.
Let’s start with the “usual suspects” – introducing…

The Paper Pushers

Cut Out: Type made of 3D cutouts surrounded by the “negative space” left from the lifted pieces of paper. Sharon Pazner:


Folded: Handmade type project from Tyrone Ohia: Each letter is made from a folded sheet of A4 paper, which is then placed on a lightbox. The dark areas that form the strokes are where the paper folds and overlaps, therefore letting less light from the lightbox through:


Cut and Taped: Well, it’s much thicker than your regular paper, and bigger, but still, close enough –Sex C on Legs from Marc Wathieu:

Outdoorsy Types

Grass from the geniuses behind Handmade Fonts


Fly high in the sky with Photoshop Star‘s Cloud Text tutorial:


Watch the ice melt on this clever cover design by Ruiter Janssen symbolizing the increasing desperation of the plane crush survivors:


Foodies? Yum-yum 🙂

High Fiber Foodonts (Handmade Fonts again):


Got a sweet tooth? Open wide for a Candy font all the way from Montreal, by Julien De Repentigny:


For comfort food, nothing beats some pb & j (minus pb) via lovely For The Love of Type Blog:


Wanna see an awesome Food Font Fight? Come on over to a Typhphile:


Oh, and here’s a glass of milk from Jónas Valtýsson, to finish off your meal. Don’t spill!


Clean Freaks? Here we go

Typography Soap is now available from The Soap Lab


Juvenile Delinquents

Crayon letters courtesy of some very creative soccer moms:


Balloons will never look the same, thanks to some creepy clown types (no offense, I just have a mild case of Coulrophobia):


Let there be light from a German photographer ~Blickwinkel~ on Flickr?


For your viewing pleasure

Backbreaker font:


or better yet, Stick Figure Kamasutra font:

And now we’ll have to erase your memory so you will not be able to transfer all this valuable information to the aliens… Cause this is exactly the TYPE of knowledge they are after 😉