What's your Instagram Filter?

The popular iPhone photo sharing app has exploded over the past 9 months. I myself, just started using the app a few weeks ago.. I am sure there are a lot of you that have been using the app since it was unleashed.

Today’s post is a bit different then our usual lists post, I thought it would be interesting to display the Instagram filters, and get your thoughts on which one you like the most. Not only that, but do you think Instagram is a good or bad thing.

In my opinion;

I think Instagram is just another app that will allow users to easily share their photos in a more creative way. A lot of people will comment that they hate Instagram because it makes those effects look like stock over time. Not only that but will give power to every user to create the same effects within seconds. Like everything, Instagram is a trend, and the only way it could stay ahead of itself is with new filters and deletion of old filter.

What are your thoughts on Instagram? Do you like the idea, do you like the filters, what new filters would you like to see? And what is your favourite filter?

*Would love to know if their are any tutorials out there that can create similar effects for the Instagram filter family.

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Lord Kelvin