Websites with that Personal Touch

Good web design is often about building trust between users and people on the backend of the website. Making sure the site is personable, is a great way to get it done—here are some great sites that make you fee at home.

Of course, each designer and webmaster builds trust in their own way, but if you feel that is what your website need an added touch, and you are looking for some inspiration, we invite you to check out these 25 websites that bridge the gap between stale and personable.

The trend of using images of real people applies not only to personal web pages, but to other kinds of sites as well; this can be explained by the fact that people feel more safe and secure on websites that have real people, and bring people as the main focus.

We hope you will like the websites featured below and maybe they will inspire you to make your websites more personal, open, and inviting. Pay attention that there are two types of personal images possible in web design—placing photos of actual website owners or employees and placing stock photos with random people’s faces. Of course, the first case looks and feels warmer and more impressive; but the second option is also okay and works as a viable alternative. So think about this before starting to implement this kind of approach on your website.

What are some other ways you build personality and make sites feel personable? Do you have a favorite or least favorite? Let us know in the comments below!