Web's Brilliant Blues 2

Scouring the web, you see every colour imaginable, and that’s why we love making these colour themed posts. It’s just fun looking through a post and seeing the same colour scheme and not to mention it helps to search by colour when you are in need of some inspiration. Today we present the long awaited sequel to Web’s Brilliant Blues released a year ago. Not much has changed with the colour Blue, it’s still a very popular colour to use for branding and to give the fresh, free and easy feeling to a website.

Pictuwre 5

Pictutre 2

Pictwure 6

Picturwe 10

Pictuwre 3

Pictuwre 8

Picture t3

Pictureasd 3

Picture 45

Picturew 1

Picture t10

Picturew 2

Picture 53

Picturew 9

Picture 44

Picturte 7

Picture 19

Picture 15

Picture 29

Picture 37

Picture 10

Picture 22

Picture 8

Picture 39


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Picturasdfe 14

Picturasdfe 4

Pictuasdfre 10

Picture 7

Piceeture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 3