Web Typography At Its Best

I have been very interested in typography, I have also noticed the growth of typography moving to the web. More specific, designers are paying more attention to typography when design for the web. There are many sites now that use typography to be a very powerful element. In my last post about typography We All Love Typography, the post was more concentrated on offline typography. Today we look at Web Typography, and I do believe the following examples will show you how powerful web typography is.

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Picture 53

Picture 15

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Picture 5

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Picture 49

Picture 52

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Pictaaaure 18

Picture 17

Picture 48

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Picture 20

Picaaature 2

Picture 18

Pictaaaure 3

Picture 2

Picture 50

Picture 51

Picturte 7

Picture 11

Picture 9

Picture 47

Pictaaaure 6

Picture ee17

Picaaature 4

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