W3 Markup Review

As designers we all take great pride in our work. Sometimes pride is a love marriage between time allocation and ideas. But what happens when you need a little quick help, where and who do you turn to?

I needed to make a site for a client who had a mockup prepared so I gave W3 Markup a go and sent a request through the website with my attached PSD file. I work around the clock meaning I’m most productive during the wee hours and their support schedule basically aligned with mine perfectly, except during weekends when they’re off; a caveat for those who need answers during office hours. As a beginning Web Designer, I reached out to W3 Markup to help. They provided a fast response in plain English, and as needed, without the technical jargon.

W3 <Markup/>

W3-Markup Header

W3 Markup is a must if you need a professional website made quickly. This online service can quickly turn a PSD mockup in as little as a day and it offers many additional options from responsive layout to javascript widgets and software implementations that work with popular blog content management systems. At Inspiredology, we like sites that have great usability, especially when it comes to service sites. W3 Markup offers a simplified process and doesn’t include links and buttons that you don’t need. (Their portfolio section is also pretty impressive – it shows a split screen of each page of a site they’ve developed where you can preview how immaculate their coding is, proving their worth.)

A 3-Step process

W3 Markup

Specify the number of pages, how soon you need them done by and the delivery format. The order summary stays on the sidebar throughout your order. Before coding they break down specifics like using proper @font-face kits and licenses (must be provided unless you plan to use embedded fonts, like Google or Typekit for example, which is extra), how links and hovers in the navigation will behave, tables, etc. Now, I pushed the production days to seven and only asked for my index page coded to get the minimum rate, taking four days of back-and-forth to get everything clear, finally receiving my code on the fifth! The final product is organized, uses proper semantics, and includes an HTML5 shiv for IE.

Your Website is in your Cart

W3 Markup

Add the bells and whistles to your site (all come with clear descriptions) and you’re already ready for checkout! As a beginner in web design, I was able to understand every line of code using their basic option and without paying for description comments in the CSS, which I would definitely recommend since it’s only $9 extra. The best experience in using this service is its support feedback – they provide fast response in plain English, without technical jargon.

W3 Markup Portfolio Examples

It’s hard to find drawbacks in the service unless, again, you need them around during office hours. They know their stuff and communicate that well. I will say that although their website is super clean and easy to use, it could use a bit more personality in order to be more attractive and stand out of the many sites offering similar service, that’s all—Overall I’m a happy customer. The markup I received is identical to my original mockup and I can now continue to build upon the site further using the CSS file. A painless experience can be scarce in a paid service. Give W3 Markup a shot if you could use one.

Do you use services like this when you find yourself in a bind? How do you resolve these time contraints?