Use What’s Around to Inspire Your Website Design

Use What’s Around to Inspire Your Website Design
The Web is oversaturated with sites and social media pages. People can find anything online that inspires them, from humorous videos to stunning images streamed by NASA. Whether looking for a new retailer for their needs or looking to book the family’s summer vacation, few decisions are made without running a Google or other search first. Businesses, even small ones, must play upon this mindset and build inspiring websites that will draw users to their pages and keep them there.
This Is Part of What Branding Is About
Branding is a hot online marketing term and building an inspirational business around an inspirational online presence is part of what branding means. In order to attract customers, you must tell a story and touch your audience. Your small business website must draw people into who you are, and you must entice people to solicit your business because of something you do, not because of the product or service you sell.
For example, if you’re an artisan cheese company, people want to know how you source your ingredients. If you do not do so in such a way that protects the animals and the environment, you’re going to lose many customers to another artisan cheese maker that secures its milk from small co-ops that protect the goats or cows. You must tell a riveting story that lets potential customers know you care, and you do so by building inspiration when you make your own website.
How You Can Do This
Don’t be tempted to take shortcuts and just place pretty pictures of your product on your front pages with links to your sales page. People will move on. When building your website, you must use things such as videos, and if you use the example of the artisan cheese business above, you could tell your story by showing the animals and farms from which your ingredients are sourced and how you make your cheese.
What this does is instills confidence in you first and then your product. If your potential customers see animals that are well cared for and grazing in the fields as they should be, they are left feeling good about purchasing your product rather than reticent or even bad. If you show them how you make your product, they feel a part of your business even though they don’t work for you, and this entices them to put their faith your cheeses and make their first purchase.
This is just one way you can build a website to get your visitors excited about you and your business. Other things you can do are to look at the top websites on the Web today to see what they are doing. Are you they using pictures alongside their videos? What is the picture-to-video ratio? How personal are they getting on their “About Us” page? What other fun or inspiring things to they have on their site that would keep people on their page?
Look and see what other people are doing to get ideas. Then, go out and look around to see what inspires you. Take this information and your story and build a page that will enthrall people once they visit. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to do this if you simply use what’s around you.