Tried and True, the Top 10 Brand-Rendered Logos

Long before you know anything about a company, its logo and name tell you what to expect. Here are ten companies that do it better than the rest.

Business marketers know brand-rendered logos are indispensable in communicating acompany’s quality and reputation, and consumers don’t need master’s degrees to recognize, or feel, that impact as well.

1. Coca-Cola

One of the most quintessentially American beverages around, Coca-Cola’s lettering hasn’t changed much since its first appearance in 1885. That gives it the air of the most reliable and trustworthy soft drink on the market.

2. BMW

BMW’s signature blue and white design has just enough highbrow appeal without overstating itself, even though the visual imagery is supposed to evoke a spinning airplane propeller (and simultaneously recall the flag of Bavaria), drivers are drawn to its simplicity.


Just seeing the brightly colored LEGO logo takes you back to a time when imagination was king. The name itself comes from the Danish phrase leg godt which means “play well”, but as far as consumers are concerned it means a timeless toy that’s still going strong.

4. Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Better known as MGM, it’s one of the few companies where you’ll find a roaring lion announcing itself. The logo took shape after a group of studios got together and referred to themselves as the lion’s pride.

5. eBay

The playful look of eBay’s logo has an anything goes spirit and that’s just what you’ll find on the site. People find everything from used cars to prosthetic legs, and if you could sum up the logo in one word, it would be “possibilities.”

6. Starbucks

While you may not know what a mermaid has to do with coffee, you know the Starbucks logo when you see it. The company established itself in Seattle, Washington in 1971 and the nautical theme implied by the name has remained to this day.

7. UPS

The no-nonsense UPS logo fits perfectly into Brown’s solid all-around presentation of itself. The company’s status as the largest package delivery company in the world also makes it the first choice for guaranteed service.

8. Marlboro

No cigarette has been able to capture the mystique and character Marlboro has been able to create. The allure of the Marlboro Man may seem a little outdated to some, but it’s almost impossible to separate that ruggedly masculine image from the logo.

9. MasterCard

The two interlocking circles from the MasterCard logo started out as symbolizing businesses partnering with each other. Consumers have come to recognize them, and the slogan “priceless”, as meaning worldwide buying power.

10. Google

The great and powerful search engine has gone above and beyond in creating interest in the company’s brand. Every change to the graphic logo on the site lets web surfers have a little fun while they get the information they need.

It seems the most enduring characteristic among all of these logos is consistency. Through good times and bad, these companies demonstrate a commitment to who they are and what they stand for, which shows in their enduring logos. Their images are their good word, and that’s good business.