Top Web Apps To Save Time

Here’s a collection of apps and websites that the busy web professional can use to get things done. Click on a few and take a look around and enjoy the beauties.


Share tasks with your team all over the place.

Sharing tasks among team members can be daunting, especially if they’re spread out across different countries, but with Asana it’s easy to share any and all tasks, ‘push’ them over to other team members, and make sure the most important are being taken care of. The only downside, if you give a task to someone who doesn’t want it, they can ‘push’ it to someone else—If that happens a lot you might have problems.

Best Feature – Sharing tasks between team members is 1-click easy.

Mighty Deals

Web deals on tools and products that a website designer needs.

Mighty Deals, like most deal websites, has a collection of deals every day on web design stuff like backgrounds, fonts, vector graphics and a lot more. The thing I like about them, and I think you will too, is that they have tools and other stuff you really need, not just the usual crap mixed in with the occasional product that a web pro might need. Their ‘deal of the day’ is also a great feature too.

Best Feature – Their ‘Freebies’ page because sometimes there is some actual free stuff that is valuable.


The modern to-do list.

Orchestra is a to-do list on steroids. Not only does it help you keep track of what you need to do, but it has reminders, email capability, repeat capability all while syncing super-fast. You can set it to remind you of recurring projects or tasks that you need to do and forward tasks out of your inbox. Cool. Like most task organizers it’s got a learning curve and can be a little tedious.

Best Feature – Voice Recognition lets you record to-do’s on-the-go, hands-free.

5 Minutes

The quickest way to build a website and get it live on the net.

Any affiliate marketer knows that the way to make money is to have a lot of websites selling various products all the time. The problem; making all those websites can be tedious and boring. 5 Minutes has a solution: websites in 5 minutes. Fully functional, the only thing they lack is the ability to do higher functions, like a payment page. Those cost extra. Still, 5 minutes to get a website online is pretty darn good.

Best Feature – Even a complete noob can build a site in 5 minutes.


Connecting your smartphone to your TV is easy.

This is a really cool app. Use Pult to connect any smartphone to your TV and stream anything. The TV and phone can be on different networks, and no usernames, passwords or files are stored anywhere on the system, making Pult very secure. It can be done in less than 20 seconds too, so it’s fast. I can’t see any drawbacks with this one—go get it.

Best Feature –You can keep searching while one thing is still playing on the TV.


Make your own music mix and share with others.

8Tracks is a basic music sharing platform with a twist; your mixes can be shared and you can listen to other mixes. Search by artist or genre and then stream it (legally) in a radio-style through your devices. DJs can make mixes and upload them for others, add content, art and descriptions. It’s a great idea, but takes away the ability to just listen to a song at a time.

Best feature – Having true DJ style playlists like back in the 70’ss.


Share content to any device in any format.

I like this last one a lot. Spool makes a copy of any article or video you choose, formats it, and then makes it available on all of your devices no matter the brand—That’s awesome. Anything you see or create can be shared with any other device with Spool, and it’s free, simple and easy. Save it for later because you’ll be able to view content even when you have limited connectivity. The biggest problem is that EVERYTHING you see, can be seen by others you Spool with. Yeah, everything.

Best Feature – Videos are automatically formatted and viewable on any device.

What are some of your favorite tools and apps to increase your productivity? Let us know in the comments below!