Top 5 of 2011 from The Lab

Every year around this time, we see the same old “Best Of the year” posts, well for now, we wanted to add our own take and get to the “Best of” later.

2011 was a big year for Inspiredology as we brought on Mike Puglielli as another Lab member to continue expanding the quality and amount of content for The Lab. He is our lead editor and has done a fabulous job around here, bringing new ideas and helping out with some great collaboration posts.

As such, in today’s post, we are recapping our “Top 5 of 2011” from each of the team members of The Lab. We recognize that everyone sees things differently, holding their own values of what they find importnat, and assimilates their own highlight reel—Andrew, Mike and I would like to offer up our picks for this years “Top 5 of 2011”.


The Passing of Steve Jobs

“Steve Jobs was quite an innovative mind for his industry—I think everybody will agree that this is one of the biggest, unfortunate stories for 2011.”

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

“I tested, played with, and downloaded a lot of apps…a lot of apps and in so many different categories. S&S is the Best Mobile App I played this year, bar none—it made a long lasting and great impression on me.”

Audience Calibration Procedure from Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery on Vimeo.

The Verge

“The Verge is this years hottest new tech blog. They bridge the gap between style, unbiased journalism, and tech and is my favorite blog for the year; I look forward to the great content they will provide 2012.”

Microsoft Buys Skype

“I think this acquisition didn’t get the credit or attention it deserved. Microsoft’s dominate roll in the Xbox 360 as a home entertainment device yields incredible possibilities when you think of the symbiotic relationship this could become.”


“2011 was one of the best years for any gamer and for the gaming industry as a whole. I thoroughly enjoyed the epic battle of the modern shooters—Battlefield 3 won and is my #1 shooter of the year.”



“My favorite Mac App of the year goes to Sparrow—those guys made email sexy again. Email me. Now. Please.”

Passing of Steve Jobs

“Just like Mike, this is a powerful story and I became enamored by the iconic image that came from it.”

“From 0 – 1.2million users in 6 months, and closed a $40million round, what else is there to say? This place is great.”


“The rise in popularity of  Kickstarter for serving as an innovative way of growing and supporting the creative community is something to keep an eye on. I love all the projects that they have helped start and hope they continue to be a game changer for start-ups in 2012.”

Siri is born

“Siri is killer. It is Google, search engine, text messaging, calendar assistant, killer—looking forward to Siri innovation and what will spawn from this push in and UI technology.”


Nest and other Beautiful Niche Products

“2011 showcased a ton of niche products including a sexy thermostat from the minds that designed the iPod as well as LunaTik and Glif, to name a few. Innovation wont stop in 2012, I can assure you that.”

Pinterest and Fancy

“Great social lifestyle sharing sites emerged this year to great success and fluid designs.”

Orman Clark

“This kid tore it up in 2011; giving away kick ass freebies and hitting a huge milestone in ThemeForest—and his stuff is great.”

Help Japan

“A horrific disaster brought millions of people together; James White did what he could and created a beautiful poster that raised over $20,000 for the cause.”


“There were a lot of new streaming music sources this year, but Rdio hit home with me—great new source of music and an even better way to have all your tunes at your fingertips, all the time.”

Surely there are other great stories, services, or apps out there—but these took the helm for us in 2011. This selection are from the creative abysses of many talented people and no doubt we will look to 2012 for even more great innovation, design, and competition. What were some of your favorites from 2011 in either the industry or otherwise? What do you think about our selections. Let us know in the comments below.

It goes without saying, but we also want to thank the great community behind Inspiredology. We understand you are a huge part of what makes this blog run and keeps us wanting to provide greater and better content for you. With hand picked selection of so many awesome guest writers, we have a lot to be thankful for in 2012 as we continue to move forward. We appreciate your visits and have had a great time interacting with our readers both on twitter and in many of The Lab’s posts.

Thanks a bunch and make sure to merrily drink! Cheers and Happy New Years!