Tips to Create that Perfect Web Design

Awesome Web Design

Designing your business website can be a difficult endeavor. You have to juggle a lot of viewer expectations and will likely hit many obstacles when it comes to coming up with new ideas. Below are some tricks, tips, and shortcuts to create that perfect web design.

Design in Gray First, then Color

If your web designs professional ads wireframes before visual designs, then you should be aware of how valuable it is to start with a shade of gray. Make your wireframe into a visual design that is grayscale, add your images, and then add colors carefully to the design individually. This will keep it from looking like an ‘overdesigned’ site and place importance on the items that really need it.

Make the Site Lighter

This should be the very first thing you do. A big reason why the loading time on a website is long is because it is heavy. You need to eliminate the trash. Keep in mind, the smaller a page is, the quicker it’s going to load. If you have videos and images that are really not too relevant with your content, get rid of them. Take your time and be really certain what is not necessary on your pages. You want to keep the components that really add value to your site. But remove everything that isn’t relevant and doesn’t add much value to your visitors.

Got for a Responsive Design

According to the 2015 US Digital Future Focus study by ComScore, over 30 percent of traffic to the leading ten digital properties were from mobile devices. If your site isn’t providing a decent mobile experience, you are leaving money on the table.

Stick to a Simple Navigation

Consumers have to find what they are searching for in the first couple of seconds when they land on your site. Any longer, and they will become frustrated and leave; going on to another site. Your navigation menu should be simple. You will overwhelm your visitors by having too many options. You have to clearly present what action you want completed by your visitors whether it’s to go to a specific page or fill out a submission form.

Give Google Clean Coding

When you are adding coding to your site, keep it clean. It’s important to write JavaScript correctly. Additionally, don’t use a lot of external resources. Make sure your photos are too big and pay attention to the various attributes of web design for your site since Google prefers cleaner coding. You will help your SEO efforts of your site by following these steps. Google will rank your site higher up in its search results for relevant keywords which will bring in more traffic.

Eliminate your Social Media Feeds

Back when social media was fresh and news, social feeds were a big thing and everyone was putting them on their websites. Now, however, consumers know how to find your brand if they want to on social media sites. By placing feeds on your site, you are just drawing your consumers’ attention away from your conversion objectives.

Ensure your Content is Fresh

Content will always be king. After you design your site, feed it with quality content. Advanced Writers can help with that if you are not up for it. Much like college students check research paper help here, you also can get quality content on this site as well.