Tips for Overcoming Logo Design Creative Block

A creative mind can create a utopia out of the mundane. But you can’t always expect to be at your creative best. The tide of fruitful creative production can often be followed by the ebb of mental block. Every creative person, whether you are a writer, artist or designer, passes through a phase when you are simply not satisfied with what you are creating. You feel as if you have reached a point of saturation and are unable to come up with anything new.

This phase can be very frustrating for any creative person. If you don’t recover within a few days, a creative block can destroy your self-confidence. The fear that you will never again be able to produce good work drives you to desperation. You try harder and harder and end up exhausting your mental faculties. This makes the situation worse. Therefore, it is very important to deal with this delicate phase of creative block with a lot of patience and care. Only you can get yourself out of it.

Designers all over the world face this problem and don’t know what to do. There is actually no reason to panic. Let’s look at a few ways by which you can get rid of your creative block.

Stick to the Basics

Don’t try to do too much when you are suffering from creative block. Just stick to basics design principles. If you seek to experiment at this phase, you might have to face failure. This will dishearten you further and won’t help your situation.

Visual balance is an important aspect of design principle. Try to arrange the elements on your page in a way that no section appears heavier than the other. Your design should also maintain unity, so that the various elements used in it don’t seem disparate or out of tune from one another.

Alignment is another basic principle of design. Whether your layout will be easy or difficult to read depends on the way you align type and graphics on a page. Both consistency and contrast is equally significant to your design. Repeating design elements helps your viewers navigate your layout easily. Contrast between big and small elements, black and white text, can make your design both appealing and exciting.

White space is your design’s breathing room. So don’t cram your design with too many graphics or too much text, as it will become difficult for the clients to follow and appreciate it.

But you should never stop working. Producing mediocre designs is better than producing nothing at all. If you spend the entire time pondering over your problem, you’ll never be able to get over it. So, keep yourself busy with work and try to rediscover your potential.

Design on Paper

Try avoiding the computer and instead design on paper. This will be a welcome change for you and will also stimulate your creativity. You can play with the pencil and paper and pour your heart out on it. Try and make rough sketches of your design before working on them professionally. Doodle at will.

Check Out Other Designs

If you are unable to create anything worthwhile, just sit back and appreciate the work of others. Glance through different designs on websites or magazines. You might get motivated (not ‘inspired’) by something that you like and develop your own eye-catching graphics. And who knows, you might break out of your creative block.

Use Colors

Colors trigger the imagination and set the right mood. You can use a lot of colors in your designs and add some spirit to your work. If the work has become dull and tiresome for you, colors will give it new life.

Don’t Compare

Don’t compare your work with that of others. Every single person is unique and has original ideas. No design, however brilliant it might be, will be appreciated by all. This is because different people have different choices and opinions. So just put in your best and don’t judge your work in respect to others. Finding faults with yourself won’t help your cause.

Just Have Fun

The key to most creative block is simply having fun, even though that is possibly the last thing you feel like doing. Just getting away from your work for even a couple of hours can do wonders for your creative juices. Watch a movie, listen to music, read a book, spend time with your dog (if you have one!): The idea is to chill. Relax your mind and body and the rest will take care of itself. Believe me, this is from personal experience!

There is nothing wrong with you if you have a creative block. This problem is more common than you think and everyone finds their own way of getting over it in the end. We hope these tips help you, but you need to help yourself first. Try to be positive and never suffer from self doubt. Just remember, this is simply a passing phase and will be over soon enough.