The Lab's 3rd Birthday

It almost went by without being said, but Happy 3rd Birthday Inspiredology!, No seriously, Inspiredology’s birthday is around the date of my birthday (Jan 30), after a busy weekend of parties, and family gatherings.

The days went by, without me thinking of the blog – until I went to bed last night, it came back to me, Happy Birthday Inspiredology. So that’s how we come to The Lab’s 3rd birthday.

The year that was

This year we launched The Lab 3.0, this was a huge project for us, finally we have created a solid website that we can build on in the future. This is the framework that will take us through 10 more birthdays *cross-your-fingers.

A few things that helped make the site better this year – goes without saying, the new design is rad – love the illustration, couldn’t be happier with the aesthetics of the site. We removed the ads, we wanted our content to have more emphasis, and we know how annoying ads can be, so let the content speak for itself. We joined up with Carbon Ads, a great new ad network – we need some help paying the bills. We also are still working on the “Switch Views” feature that we promised a few months ago…. we released the feature a week ago for some midnight testers – and have a few more kinks to work out. Follow us on twitter to stay updated @chadmueller, @andrewdertinger.

Thank you to the guest writers

This year I was overwhelmed with the amount of guest writers we had. We have over 56 guest writers, not sure about you, but I think that is fantastic. We are always looking for new writers, and if you would like to discuss a blog article, please email me at chad[at] or ping me on twitter.

Inspiredology’s Stats to date

  • 407 Posts
  • 8,558 Approved Comments
  • 1,051,315 Visits
  • 772,652 Unique Visits
  • 1,643,758 Pageviews

Looking Back on The Years

We need your help

As you already know Inspiredology has been running for 3 years now, we are gaining more and more followers, and our we need to start planning on scaling up. Our site really bogs down every know and then, because of the traffic, as well our site needs to be optimized better. I am not an expert on optimizing sites with minify, and CDN and all that. So we need your help, if you would like to donate your time to optimize the site we would be forever grateful, please send me an email if you are interested chad[at]