The Forrst Community – Invite Giveaway

That’s right! We’re giving away 5 invites to join Forrst! Winning couldn’t be easier, with 2 ways to win; Comment or RT!



What is Forrst?!

Forrst: Where Designers Who Code meet Developers Who Design
For those of you who haven’t been exposed to Forrst yet here is the basic rundown:
Forrst is an online community made up of Designers and Developers. As the above tag-line suggests this environment brings together designers and developers into one big posting arena. Users are able to post their new designs, snippets of code (to share, or get help with), share links or initiate discussions within the community. Other members are then allowed to ‘Like’ a post or comment on it.
The community has been built on a ‘by invite only’ platform so far. So the quality of the content is very high and the level of discussion is great!

Who Planted the Forrst?

Kyle Bragger

One of the most active members of the community is Kyle Bragger, the creator of Forrst! Once I got in and started using Forrst I was surprised to see that Kyle himself actually participates in the discussions and adds to the community.
We were lucky enough to hit up Kyle with a few questions:

Forrst Sign Up

If I was to sign up to Forrst today, when could I expect an invite? What does it depend on?

Good question. Honest answer: not totally sure! The interest in the site has been overwhelming, especially since the relaunch, so we’re trying to wade through the applications to bring new people in. Definitely trying to bring in a balance of devs and designers, and I’d say your chances are greater if you submit a complete application (name, Twitter username if you’ve got it, URL of something you made and are proud of, email address). My hope is to have every single developer and designer who is passionate about what they do want to become a part of the Forrst community. What we’re also doing right now is awarding current members with invites from time to time, based on how active they are within the community, how much they interact and contribute, and so forth. That happens every Tuesday morning.

When [if ever] to you expect to go fully public with Forrst?

It’s not in the cards anytime soon, if ever.

What is the best enhancement made to Forrst since it’s launch?

The relaunch of Forrst brings with it a brand new user interface, numerous user experience improvements, as well as much-needed new and improved functionality — a new type of post: questions, a people directory, filterable by developer/designer, newest users, Rangers, and so forth, totally overhauled activity streams: stuff from friends, stuff done to you or your posts, as well as new ways to drill down into posts: by tag, by type (code, question, etc.), posts from you/friends/everyone. The amount of love we tried to give the product hopefully shines through with the new site. We’re insanely proud of it and it’s only going to get better.

If a tree falls in Forrst and no one is around to hear it, did design really happen?

Nope. There would be no receiver.

How to Win!

Want your chance to interact within this elite group of designers and developers? Well here’s your chance!
There’s 2 ways to win!. Comment to this post with either something you could bring to the Forrst community, OR Retweet the below tweet on your Twitter account. And YES you can absolutely enter BOTH ways!

RT to win an invite into @forrst via

Good luck to all, and we hope to talk to you soon, in the Forrst

Contest ends Wednesday May 12th 2010 @ 5pm EST.
Winners will be announced in this week’s Friday Fix post!