The Art of War

If you’re a gamer or happen to take strolls through the gaming stratosphere, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard or seen the Xbox 360 exclusive title, Gears of War—and chances are you may not have seen some of these mouth watering images.

Not many games have done much in terms of developing a brand as powerful as Epic has done with Gears of War. From the iconic logo and instantly recognizable graphics engine, Gears of War is a technical and artistic masterpiece.

Gears of War, and Epic Games for that matter, have such a distinct style in all of their games. Part of this comes from the way their game engine is designed and part of it comes from the minions that work in the company. Together, the combination of talent, both technical and otherwise, is truly great—and you get a game that is so unique that it can stand on its own in terms of artistic quality, design, and originality.

This artwork is taken straight from their art book that talks about the many focuses, concepts, and design decisions Epic Games went through.

The book that comes with both the Limited Edition and Epic Edition is really a beauty; if you admire the Gears of War universe. While not much explanation goes into each and every image, the development analysis alongside some artistic analysis is certainly nice and welcoming.

As I look at the development of the Gears of War logo, its unbelievable how iconic it has become. Looking at the image above, the last logo became the Gears of War flagship logo—seemingly coming out of left field. Most emphasis was on the name (GOW) and the COG, which symbolizes the soldiers within the game, but after taking a step back, the minimalistic approach of the new logo turns out to be the most powerful.