The Amazing Photo Manipulator Alexander Koshelkov

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; and with each of his artistic masterpieces, web and graphics designer Alexander Koshelkov is sure to create a novel. With every stroke of his skillful hands, he renders people speechless. Then he gets them talking.

Much like the previous interview and featured Steve McGhee, Alexander’s photo manipulation shows us a world of disastrous environments. If you can also remember Steve creating a “Minature Killer” poster for Inspiredology.

One of his latest artworks, Luftbanza Airlines, went viral a couple of months ago for its harrowing imagery and technical mastery. Of course, this San Diego-based digital artist of European descent had nine whole years of experience as a graphic design professional, continually honing his skills in various industries like advertising, software development, and online printing.

With a constantly growing number of striking promotional products in his portfolio, he still manages to find time to make hauntingly beautiful images for the joy of the creative process.

Here are a couple of his incredibly detailed works of art made with Adobe Photoshop.

Luftbanza Airlines

 As mentioned earlier, this piece had the Internet buzzing with its fictional depiction of every aviophobic’s nightmare – a plane crash right in the middle of a highway. In the 7-minute 20-second video that went viral, viewers get to see the entire painstaking 4 hours and 17 minutes process of first-rate photo manipulation in high-speed.

 Starting from a picture of a bare highway, he then inserted a plane and turned it into a death trap. Dust explodes into the air as an unlucky car is sent flying onto the next lane, inevitably causing more destruction on the speeding vehicles. A couple of hapless civilians desperately try to escape the carnage, but there’s just no outrunning a skidding 100-ton missile of twisted metal on a rainy night.

London Underwater

The London Olympics have just recently concluded in bombastic fashion, reminding the world of the greatness of Great Britain. However, the future of this historic city does not look promising in this piece by Alexander Koshelkov. He submerges most of the metropolis in a post-climactic doomsday scenario, where the Atlantic engulfs the entire British Isles.

 Only the tops of skyscrapers can be seen above water, while the rest of London’s abandoned but mostly intact buildings remain below as a reminder of glorious days gone past. A massive ship navigates around the now treacherous path, possibly looking for fortunate survivors or simply passing through in its escape to dry land.

Eiffel Tower in Ruins

 This last piece portrays another scene of a dystopian future, where one of the world’s most significant cultural landmarks lies in ruin amidst the black clouds covering the city of Paris. This monument to engineer Gustave Eiffel’s genius in design and construction has been toppled, leaving the once picturesque skyline of the French capital void of beauty.

 An alien blue light cuts across the heavens where the peak of Eiffel Tower’s 320 meter tall structure used to be. Is it a sign of hope in the chaos or an omen of an impending doom? Whatever the case, Koshelkov leaves an unforgettable apocalyptic image in searing detail.

Although the works in themselves do not stir much optimism, they are still inspirational graphic design pieces with the level of ability shown by Koshelkov in photo manipulation. Designers everywhere should start taking notice, and taking notes.