36 Examples of Textures used in Web Design

A great way to add depth to a website these days is to help create more of a dynamic environment, or portray a lifelike material. These days, you can’t go a day without seeing at least 5 or 6 tweets about free textures, or “Retweet to win premium textures”. We are even guilty for offering a few texture freebies as well. Textures have been a driving force for a lot of websites, and rightfully so.. why not bring outside inspirations to our computer screens.

Here we have 36 examples of textures used in Web Design, not only as backgrounds but textures can be applied to a lot of different web elements. You should notice that as textures have been part of website backgrounds for quite a while, designers are now putting textures on the forefront.

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Picture 29

Picture 16

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Picture 14

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