Switch your view

When we first launched “The Lab” design, we initially thought this was a good feature to implement. It was something we were going to add to the tail end of the design, so we pressed on to finish the design.

Well, fast forward a few month after launch day, and still no evidence of our “Switch Views” feature, I then thought – I need help, so I called upon Nivo Slider creator Gilbert Pellegrom. He was more then happy to start the project. He initially laid the ground work, for the functionality, and I did the css styles. We had the functionality of switching, and two different views.

When I finally thought we seen the light at the end of the tunnel, there were problems, mainly with pagination, category views, and the browser remembering which option was selected. We weren’t done yet, but Gilbert had to move on to bigger and better things! At this point, I was unable to go in there and finish the feature, I was scared that I would take a few steps back, I’m not a developer by any means.

This brings us to a few months ago, when I posted an unrelated WordPress question on WPQuestions.com. I found a WordPress developer that goes by the name Buzu. He was able to help me with my issue, he fixed the issue quickly and accurately. I thought to myself – I found my WordPress guy, after working on a few other small fixes, he took a look at the “Switch Views” feature. He was able to fix the pagination problem, as well as set up a switch toggle.

That is the story of how it came about, now this feature really isn’t a huge deal in any terms. I actually want it to be a more subtle feature, I think it just adds to the little details of the site.

In the end, it was created because I enjoy looking at a grid of images, less content, more pretty colours, and an easy way to get into the posts.

We want your feedback, it is greatly appreciated?

In the end, we are continuing to look at new small design revisions to make the site a better experience. We are working on optimizing the site to run like a well-oiled machine that it should.

Big Ups to Gilbert Pellegrom and Buzu for making this happen