Stories behind your favourite blogs

I am always jotting down ideas and sketches in my trusty moleskin. I was looking back a few days ago, thinking of what could I call some of them. Picking a name for a new blog, is always a fun, creative and challenging task. It’s by far the most important step in creating a good blog. So I started surfing the web, looking at some blogs that I follow, I thought to myself – wouldn’t it be fun to find out how some of our peers thought of their blog names. This was a very fun post, as I’ve been inspired by the stories, and I hope that you get the same inspiration out of them.

Thanks to all the awesome bloggers that teamed up for this killer post. All of the participants and myself included would love to get your diggs, retweets and help to spread the word.



I spent quite a bit of time coming up with the name for Colorburned. Originally, my site was but after some thought I decided I wanted something a bit more marketable. I must have thought up 1,000 names before I landed on Colorburned. In fact, I was just about to give up when I decided to go through the menus in Photoshop to see if anything caught my eye. While browsing through the blending modes in the layers palette I saw the word Color burn, I added an “ed” to it and the rest is history.



Well, Obviously my blog name is MY name, very clever eh? was born after several months of debating if I should just use my name as my brand, or if I should brainstorm and think up the ultimate, most cleverest, end all brand name that made hipsters cry because they didn’t think of it first. Well, I never found the time to choose a name like that yet haha. So I decided to go with for a few reasons. First off, Everyone should have their name reserved as a .com – thats just good to have. Second, Since I wanted to get my name out there as fast as I could without wasting any time, It worked well in making my name ‘recognizable’ to some – especially on twitter (@andysowards). Third, If your name is easily recognizable, it will be easier in the future to gain traction on new business ideas and brands, so when I decide on that uber kickass design/development/programming brand name, I can transition into it easier than switching brand names completely because one that I ‘Prematurely Picked’ sucked. Last but not least, I wanted to get my Family name out there as there are hardly any Sowards out there that I know of, and Hopefully I can accomplish some great things and make the Sowards family (wherever they are) Proud lol.


Franz Jeitz –

Fudgegraphics not only is the name of my blog, but also of my freelance business. Hence I decided early on to find a name which is incorporates my personality while making clear that it is about design. The other premise for the name choice was that I wanted it to start with an “F” to relate to my name. I accidentally stumbled upon the name when I watched an episode of “How I met your mother” where one of the characters says: What the fudge? I thought it was hilarious and liked the sound of Fudgegraphics instantly. A quick google search later I discovered that the name was still up for grabs and registered the name. I’m glad I did, cause after almost 2 years I’m still happy with the name.



“My blog name, Just Creative Design, actually came from the initials of my name “Jacob Cass”. I did a lot of brainstorming trying to find a name that used my initials and this is what I came up with after several weeks – as a bonus it also includes two high ranking keywords. I actually wrote about the process in full over on my blog for those interested.



I wanted a domain name that reflected diversity in design. The word ‘depot’ symbolized that concept, as well as a ‘storage’ space for all things design related. I was also interested in the word ‘webdesigner’ for obvious reasons since WDD is about web design, so it just made sense for one of the words to be either webdesign or webdesigner.



Simply because my Line25 blog has a slightly more interesting story than Blog.SpoonGraphics, I’ll focus a little more on that! When I was laying out plans for my Line25 web design blog, I went through stacks and stacks of name possibilities. My first choice was WebLounge, which linked in to the idea of being a place to come and hang out, and discover all things web related. Unfortunately this domain was taken, as were a gerzillion other names I’d decided on!
Eventually I decided to combine a word that related to the web design industry, then just stick a number on the end, both for the higher chance of finding a unique domain, and to allow it to roll off the tongue a little easier. The word Line seemed to tailor into web design pretty well, as we’re all familiar with line numbers in out code. Originally I picked out the number 45, giving the name – It sounded pretty cool, so I went to buy the domain… It was taken. By this time I was tearing out my hair after checking over 50+ domains. Fortunately the idea of using a number gave another 98 possibilities to try, and my second attempt with the domain came out as a winner!


Daniel Scocco –

I guess I am not a creative type, so the name of virtually all my blogs is rather descriptive. being one of them. I remember what encouraged me to go with that name back in the day though. I was brainstorming ideas for a blogging related website when I came across a site that offered “daily quotes.” The site was huge, so I figured that the “daily” aspect had something to do with it. That is how I decided to go with



I came up with the name for Outlaw Design Blog when I was thinking about branding ideas. I wanted a brand that I could associate with myself as well (@DannyOutlaw). The thing is, I was so tired of seeing people brand themselves as “rockstars” or “ninjas.” Both of those terms had been run into the ground, so I wanted to stay away from them. Plus, I’m a lot more of a rebel than I am a rock star or ninja. Thus, the “Outlaw” brand was born and so was Outlaw Design Blog.


Aran | | |

Studio 7 Designs came about back in the days when windows xp theming and icon designs on DeviantArt and Neowin had a great design community. Well before any thought to branding a proper business name was on the radar. My friends Kol and Maria (, and iconica/ were huge inspirations, and at the time, Studio 7 Designs seemed ‘cool’. My advice for any young person who is wanting to go into design, make sure you pick a short, descriptive, and unique name before you start out, because you never know where you will end up. And rebranding your business in the future can be a daunting task. Its an honour to be included on this post, alongside designers who I am so inspired by on a daily basis and look up to.

I work with some really great, kind, and smart writers on,, and The names were chosen very carefully this time around. Eco + Ki (Ki is an old Japanese word for tree, and the logo is a tree made up of the world map). AppleReviews was chosen because it describes specifically what the site does, reviews of Everything Apple. The Swish Life was chosen because ‘Swish’ is an old english word for fashionable and cultured, and that generally sum up the focus on The Swish Life. I must thank Liam Mckay for his amazing help with those designs.



Signalnoise means duality. Good and evil, dark and light, positive and negative, signal and noise.

The signal to noise ratio is defined by the ratio of signal power to the noise power corrupting that signal. When I was thinking of a domain name back in 1999 I wanted something that encompassed my organic process of creating, how things start with a pure idea (signal) that inevitably shifts and changes as I experiment with the pencil or computer (noise). Mistakes happen along the way that may bring with them results that are superior to my original idea, and I always try to embrace that method of working.

By combining the signal and noise elements into one word, it perfectly culminated the artistic idea I wanted to stay prevalent in my work.


David |

David Airey stands for raw Irish passion, a love of potatoes, Guinness, pub brawls, and chasing rainbows for crocks of gold.

Logo Design Love stands for raw Irish passion, a love of potatoes, Guinness, pub brawls, and chasing rainbows for crocks of gold.


Andrew Houle –

MyInkBlog is just a play on words with Ink Blot and Ink Blog. So it’s suggesting that many times good design is in the eye of the beholder. However, I can’t take credit for the name, my wife actually thought of it


Niki Brown –

The title of my blog came from a spelling mistake on my part! I studied abroad in Italy when I was in college. The Italian word for design is “Disegno” which I mispelled at “Designo”. I went ahead and installed wordpress in a directory I named designoblog or design blog. After realizing my mistake I thought about fixing the directory name but after some thought reconsidered it. The name remains today wiht a few capitol letters and apostrophes thrown in for good measure – The Design O’Blog.



Why Web Designer Wall? As a designer, I often have a lot of ideas that flow in my mind; usually I draw them on my sketch pad and then paste them on the wall. This is how the name was created — a wall of ideas.



Abduzeedo comes from the portuguese word “Abduzido” that means abducted. As the name of my company is ZEE and I was always playing with words that had the “zee” sound, so I had quite a few names such as “crazee”, “deduzeendo”, “brazeel”. I chose Abduzeedo because it was available and it was related to space and aliens. Besides that, when my office was robbed I thought the name would fit more in my reality. The blog was supposed to show that I had been “abducted by design”


Catalin Zorzini –

Well Inspired is kind of Wired for inspiration and Mag… as in Smashing Mag. That’s it – these two outstanding publishing outlets inspired me so much for so long that I started this website as a tribute for both of them. So the credit for the blog name should go to Vitaly Friedman and Chris Anderson



When I was looking for a name for my business/blog I wanted something that had to do with ‘inspiration’ but that would be different and general enough so that I could use it in different contexts. So I came up with the name ‘SpyreStudios’. At first I wanted to do all sorts of play on words, things like InSpyre or InSpyred. But I never got around to it and simply kept SpyreStudios.



Around my 2nd year of high school I began to take graphic design more serious and consider it as my career path. I continued working at it, improving my skills and continued my education at Temple University. Taking my very first ‘introduction to design’ class, I remember there was no better feeling than sitting behind the computers with my headphones on… designing, creating, thinking — in my own little world.

My career path led me to various design studios directly out of college and found myself sitting behind cubicles with my headphones on, once again designing — freeing myself from everything else. While most dislike the dreaded cubicle, I oddly enough found myself enjoying it. For me, it served as my own world. A place to create, interact with other designers, learn and forget about everything else in my life — my own design community.

Now working mostly from home as an independent graphic designer, I wanted my blog to reflect the same sense of community that the workspace and “cubicle-life” provided me — A place to create, interact and learn — The Design Cubicle.



Tutorial9 is a play on “Cloud 9”. We try to offer “Tutorial Bliss” to our readers, so the name and cloud logo all play together in that fashion!