Showcase of current Movie Websites

Movie posts are tough, because they become so outdated so quickly. I do think that it’s good to look at these type of posts because it’s a quick glimpse into web design trends in the movie industry.Comparing the trends a year from now, would be something that could have some value. The following sites are from movies that are in theatres and the news within the past or future 3 months.

Whether it’s a low budget film, or a “summer blockbuster” these sites are defined by the movies, actor, style and/or genre. For the most part – the sites fit within the movie – I can’t say that I have seen any of these movies, but by looking at the trailers, movie posters the website sets the movie up for possible viewers.

I’m Still Here

Tron Legacy

Easy A

Step Up 3D


The Town


Jackass 3D

Going The Distance

The Social Network

Wall Street 2


The Expandables

The American

Life As We Know It

It’s Kind Of Funny

Iron Man 2

Scott Pilgrim vs The World


Despicable Me