Seven Cloud Printing Apps For Graphic Designers

For a graphic designer, it is no secret that the image is the most important thing. It’s the principle part of a business and is often the key selling point—it must always look its best.

For busy designers, printing images can be a laborious process, especially if you have to wait till you return home and manually connect to your high-quality printer. Thankfully mobile developers have recognized this need and come up with the perfect solution: cloud printing apps which allow designers and casual users to print images whilst on the move.

Yet this shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of the finished product. With cloud printing, there are various apps that ensure a reliable, quick service that performs numerous editing functions. From supporting multiple file formats to working quickly, here are seven apps that are certainly worth your time.

Print and Share

This service has to be used with WePrint but it is highly reliable. It can print a variety of files, from web pages and emails to prepared images making it highly effective for when you are away from the office.

Google Cloud Print

As a Google service, this excels on Android platforms but can be used with Blackberry’s, tablets and PCs. The service is quick and easy and you can send images to various printers. If you’re familiar with any Google service, you’ll know your way around Cloud Print.

Print Central

Specifically designed for iPad users, Print Central is a handy app that is highly functional. From various printer and file support capabilities, as well as the use of the larger tablet screen to check images, Print Central has a lot to offer.

Cloud Printer

Essentially support for Google’s Cloud Print, this brings the versatility of the Android app to the iPhone and is a great choice for cross-platforming.

Remote Print

A Blackberry app, remote print supports major image formats, such as JPEGs and PNG, as well as larger files such as PDFs. However, what sets it apart for Blackberry users is its ability to connect and print from various printers. Need to send an image to the office or want to be able to print it at home? Remote Print offers both.

PrinterShare Mobile Print

With access to Google docs, PrinterShare lets you print nearly anything. It can use Microsoft Office to create files in addition to supporting large size PDFs. Perfect for office environments where specific file types are a must, PrinterShare is nothing but adaptable and is a great option for mobile phone users.

Easy Print

This app allows for great customisation on Android phones. With the option to manage print jobs and queues, this is perfect for people who need to print large amounts on the move. Documents and files from emails can also be supported and this makes Easy Print a great option for designers.

As with most technology, printing has gone mobile. Businesses should embrace the opportunity to offer a subsidiary service. With these apps making it so easy to print while you’re out, the only question now is whether cafes and restaurants are stocked up on their ink cartridges and how much they want to charge per print to make a profit. Luckily the apps are free to download!