Rolling Stone Magazine Series

Rolling Stone Magazine has been in production for over 40 years. The magazine started as an outlet for controversial political coverage in the 1970’s but has transformed into a highly recognizable brand, full of pop culture icons, while still incorporating in-depth political content.

Rolling Stone Magazine Cover

I have put together a 3-part series of posts showcasing 3 different categories of Rolling Stone Magazine Covers from the past 40 years. The first category will showcase the “Rolling Stone” brand that appears on the cover of every magazine. Nearly every edition of the magazine displayed the brand differently. The second showcase will show the covers that have became iconic and also how much Rolling Stone Magazine pushed the boundaries and limits in the media. The third post in the series will show off the best design covers from the past to present through amazing photography, design techniques and typography.

So check back tomorrow when we kick off this 3 day cover shoot. You will not be disappointed.