Rolling Stone Magazine Covers "The Brand"

So mentioned in yesterday’s post I have put together a 3 post series of Rolling Stone Magazine Covers.

Here lies the first post, which displays the vast evolution of the brand, and how it has been used and displayed.

Now every “brand guru” preaches that it is vital to keep consistent with your brand image and design. This is to ensure maximum impact and ‘stickiness’ to remain in the desired target audience’s mind. Rolling Stone has done things a little differently, almost right from the start. As you look through this image set it is evident that the title font has changed a few times since the 1970’s. This isn’t totally uncommon with a brand, as it is sometimes done to coincide with a directional change. ( in this case from a political content based magazine into a pop culture resource)

One fascinating change that occurs is that they move the logo around the top of the cover page. Sometimes it is aligned right to the top, other times it is underneath a headline. The most interesting change that takes place throughout these magazine covers is that Rolling Stone often (especially in the newer editions) covers up part of their logo, at times almost ALL of their brand. This demonstrates the astounding strength of the brand. They are able to reveal a small piece of their logo, yet the consumer still knows exactly what magazine it is.

So browse these covers and notice the change in the Rolling Stone title brand image. They are a great example of something I like to call ‘Brand Consistency Evolution’.

**Coming up next in Part 2 of this 3 post series is the power of the Rolling Stone Magazine Cover, and how they push limits and create iconic magazine covers.**


Rolling Stone Mag Brand Rolling Stone Mag Brand

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