Rolling Stone Magazine Covers pt 3/3 "Epic Design"

Alright it is now time for the final instalment of this 3 post series on Rolling Stone Magazine Covers.

Just as a quick recap part 1 was a collection of the covers that best represented the change of the Rolling Stone brand on the covers of the magazine. The images also demonstrated the evolution of their powerful brand over the past 40 years.

Part 2 “Iconic” was all about the iconic covers that have come out of Rolling Stone. It showcased the edginess of the magazine and how they push limits with who they choose to be on the covers, as well as how the person is portrayed.

Now for Part 3, “Epic Design”.

In the first 2 parts of this series I talked about the power of the Rolling Stone brand, and the iconic nature of some of their covers, as they will be remembered for many years. With all this brand power and substance comes amazing leading edge design and top notch photography. Some of these covers were even shot by Annie Leibovitz. [who was one of their chief photographers for about 10 years]

Going through these covers from the past 40 years one of the most interesting design notes was the typography. They were using techniques in the 70’s that are still very much used today.  Another interesting thing was the covers from the 80’s look very much like some of the web design being created today. So hopefully everyone can pull some inspiration from these amazingly designed covers from the past and present.

Well, that’s a wrap on Rolling Stone Magazine Covers and hey, if you like this kind of thing, then DIGG it and Comment so we know to do more!


Rolling Stone Mag Covers Rolling Stone Mag Covers

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