Responsive Web Providing an Optimal View

There was a time when having a website for your company was optional. Today it’s more important that bill boards, television commercials and an ad campaign combined!

But… Responsive Websites?! Are they Alive?

We wish. Today, websites need to battle it out with a number of different devices and browsers, and deliver optimal viewing in each. A good description on what responsive websites are and what they represent is:

“Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.” – Jeffrey Veen

Geeks and office workers aren’t the only technologically literate ones among us anymore. The user audience for websites has now expanded to… everyone … EVERYWHERE, using all sorts of devices. Your site needs to keep up. A responsive site adapts itself to enable optimal viewing on the device it’s being viewed on (for table tops to handhelds).

Here are some good examples, the make excellent use of color, text and space, and keep in mind that their size and dimensions will vary. To be effective, responsive sites need to be well planned and well implemented.

A personal fave! Simple interactive text. This site makes me crack up each time without fail, and as strange as this may sound I feel like a guest visiting. Due to its simple interface, the site feels the same no matter what device it is opened on. I first came across it on my nexus 7, and then later returned for a closer look on my laptop. It felt exactly the same! Mainly due to its simplicity. Even though it’s ‘all talk and no image’, the site manages to feel complete.

An illustrator, an artist, a doodler…. He, and his site are both free spirits. Keeping in mind that his work should (and will) speak foe him he has next to no text on entire site, and the page has been transformed into a tribute to his recent and best work. The collection displayed is varied, with everything from sketches to tattoos, to give the viewer a good idea regarding the creative bases he has covered.

Any good chef will tell you that you first enjoy a good dish with your eyes, then with your palate. Food that looks good, simply begs to be eaten! So as food sense could not hand out appetizers to everyone visiting their site, they did the next best thing, the made breathtaking vivid pictures the center of their site. Beautiful, colorful snapshots regarding fresh produce and well placed dishes are the only loud element on their page, the rest is subtle whites and greys. As the main element stays constant regardless of where it’s viewed, the site looks great on both tabletop and handheld devices.

For better visuals of responsive layouts, do check the following most popular websites:


Microsoft website went through a major redesign change and got a slick responsive layout makeover. Microsoft Metro UI design is to die for that is perfect for different platforms.

Contents Magazine

A site that is purely based on content must have a breezy layout on all devices so as to make readers addict. Contents Magazine is one of the great example of such sleek responsive layout. Beautifully presented content is their biggest strength that makes readers hooked up for hours.


Worlds top news outlet “BBC” has also redesign website making it to work on all devices, thus delivering latest happenings in more user friendly way. The design provides a blank canvas to display beautiful images even on your mobiles.


A silicon valley based web team jumped in the creation of responsive layout for their own website and succeeded in creating a layout that is vibrant, full of colors and perfectly fits on all devices.

Happy Cog

Happy Cog balanced beauty and utility not only in the products that they offer but also in their design that is pleasing to your eyes. Different color schemes and attractive typography goes perfect on all devices.