Redesign, Birthday Bash Update

First and foremost, the typical blogger update content; “I have been really busy working on the redesign and due to this, there has been a lack of content published to the site.”
Yes, the publishing schedule has been down, thanks to Andrew we have had more posts that what I would have been able to do on my own.

Just recently returning from Venezuela for a week, I have been working around the clock on the redesign so its ready in a few weeks, as well as working on the birthday bash contest.. trying to find some good prizes for you as well as making it a fun contest.
Andrew is currently in Mexico for his week vacation and when he returns he will be working on getting some posts out and working on the new post schedule.

So… the redesign is coming along, I have implemented almost all of the new features I wanted to add, the look and style is almost there… I am going to have to go back into the old posts and add some tags, custom fields and etc… Hopefully this doesn’t take too long!

I am also working on getting some special guest posts, as well as I have been approached to do some guests posts on some really good blogs.. so I am very excited about this as well. So there is going to be alot of content coming from the Inspiredology engine.

Also today I noticed that my RSS feed dropped from 2300 to 650… I believe this has to do with Feedburner moving to Google, so hopefully the feeds get collected back.