Rapid Fire with Jet Cooper's Designer, Chris Appleton

We shine the spotlight on local Toronto agency, Jet Cooper and designer Chris Appleton, from Jet Cooper! We really dig their style and approach and think you will too.

Toronto, Ontario Canada is becoming a pretty great hotbed of startups and top-tier creative agencies—one of my favorites being, Jet Cooper. One of the things that I became enamored with about them, from back-in-the-day, was that they didn’t have a website; merely a placeholder saying “We know we need a website, but we know that you need one more…” followed by some contact information. They have come a long way from those days and now have their own website that beams with style, personality, and quality!

Painting the Big Picture. from Jet Cooper on Vimeo.

The Jet Cooper Team

We had the pleasure of spending some time with one of their awesome designers, Chris Appleton (@chris_appleton). Striving to stray away from the typical “Designer Interview” online these days, we opted for more of a rapid fire sit down.

(Queue goofy mug shot)

Tell us about yourself and design background:

  • From Curtis, Ontario – currently living in Toronto
  • York-Sheridan Design Program
  • Artwork in highschool, design in post-secondary (since 2004)

Favorite thing about working at Jet Cooper:

  • The team, great people, and they make all the difference
  • The types of projects I get to work on (early-stage tech, digital products in larger companies)

Least favorite thing about working at Jet Cooper (we won’t tell, promise):

  • The team…people make all the difference
  • Too close to too many great coffee shops, not helping my addiction

Design heroes / Websites that you tend to draw inspiration from:

Your ‘go-to’ visual effect or signature move:

  • Trying to kill off all of those because when I notice myself doing something too often, it becomes too much
  • Good to have people around you that call you out, our team is great for that…

What we’ll find in a flask you’re hiding in your JC desk:

  • First of all, we don’t need to hide anything in a flask at Jet Cooper, but you’ll find scotch

One thing that the other JC team members talk about behind your back (this is investigative journalism at its best):

  • Coming into the office sweaty from riding my bike in the morning

Glad to talk with Chris and experience a little bit of Jet Cooper (why do I keep thinking Sterling Cooper, Mad Men?) and hope you did too. Creative agencies like this are full of creative who simply love what they do and who they work with—JC and Chris are no different. Thanks for sharing.