Pulling Colors Out Of Nature

It was time we showed a bit of a softer side here at Inspiredology.(Ya, Flowers) While on a vacation to California this past month I had the opportunity to snap some shots of some beauty flowers. Thought I would grab some colors out of the vibrant naturally occurring plants, using this very unnatural digital world we all live, work and play in.

In Living Color

Once I got looking through these photos I was shocked at the intense colors that are just everywhere we go. I think we become so used to it that we don’t even connect the world of digital design to the real world anymore. So check out the below examples that I grabbed a few dominant colours out of. All photos are available high res if you wish, just drop a comment in this post, or send me a tweet (@AndrewDertinger)

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way claiming to be a professional photographer, so please don’t be hatin’ in the comments. Photos snapped with Canon EOS Rebel T2i.