Prepare to be Shell-Shocked!

This is an arms race, Soldier! Grab your laptops & gear jump and report to the NerdTrain, we’re shipping out to Make Web Not War. The Make Web Not War Conference is one of Canada’s first cross-platform development conferences in Canada. MWNW_LOGO_VECTORThis event dropping on May 27th is jointly sponsored by Microsoft Canada, PHP Quebec and a number of other Open Source Communities from across Canada.

With sessions on Cloud Computing, Open DataOpen Source Software on Windows and HTML 5, Make Web Not War is hitting Technologist on all fronts.

Take to the Skies!

Find out how to rule the skies by ambushing the Cloud Computing & Windows Azure discussion panel “Taking it to the Cloud”. Join the discussion with Joel Quimper, Evan Prodromou, Guy Barrette, and Mark O’Sullivan as they outline the key differences between Traditional IT Infrastructure and the new paradigm known as “The Cloud”.

Reporting from the Front Lines

Our spies Garrett Serack, Christian Beauclair, Julia Stowell and Craig Kitterman have important Intel on OpenData. With the recent release of Government and Municipal datasets, the Government 3.0 initiative is sweeping across the Country and the World. Canadian cities including Mississauga, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Ottawa along with The United States Government, NASA and The United Kingdom, there is a need for excitement in the Development Community to building applications that leverage these datasets as outlined in The last mile for Open Data.

The Future of Warfare

Strategize for future battles by attending the session on the upcoming web standard HTML5. Currently in Draft, there is no Radio Silence on this technology, it promises to relieve browsers of the need for third party plug-ins currently required to create Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Presenter Benoit Piette will be will be deploying flares to highlight key features and new elements in the standard.

Prepare for Battle!

Make Web Not War will wrap up with the ultimate coding competition, FTW. The competition will feature web applications that were submitted by Individuals across Canada which have been narrowed down to the top 3 Submissions. After such a fierce competition, conference attendees are invited out to a Truce Party for a chance to network with presenters, organizers and other attendees.

What are you waiting for? Get clearance from your superior and Enlist for Active Duty today. See you on the Battlefield!