Paradise on the Web: Examples of Beautiful Hotel and Resort Websites

Like most of you, I love traveling, whether you are fortunate enough to have traveled or you just love the idea and are working hard to make it happen. We all catch ourselves looking at beautiful places around the world, dreaming of the day we can take the adventure.

My wife and I, as well as two friends are planning a big trip in the fall to India and Nepal. This is just one of the many places we want to see before we find ourselves six feet under. I started scouring the web for resorts around the world. I came across a lot of beautiful websites and I thought I would share them.

As most would assume, the big selling point of a resort is the location, and the beauty of your environment. That being said, you will notice the majority of sites use large stunning photography to encapsulate the visitor in their environment. For some of the website’s the brand and content feel like it doesn’t matter because you just can’t get better then the images they show. Take a look at the new Marina Bay, Four Seasons and Alantis sites, no doubt the images steal the show. A lot of the sites, also have great interactivity such as the MGM Grand and Surf In Paradise. Has anyone been to any of these resorts, are there other resort websites that would fit in with this group?