NXNEi Event Wrap Up

This week we had the opportunity to attend the first NXNEi (North by NorthEast Interactive) conference. The event explored all things Social Media and Interactive in today’s world.
This is just a quick recap of some of the highlights of the event for us.


Not sure what NXNEi is? Check out this post! –> NXNEi Toronto Event

These are just a couple highlights from some of the sessions that we attended at the event. Want to add to this post? Just email me at dertmobile [at] gmail.com and I will add it in!

Stop Marketing, Start Engaging. with Scott Stratten (@unmarketing)

One of the first sessions that we attended was “Stop Marketing, Start Engaging. Social Media and Viral Marketing” presented by Scott Stratten (@unmarketing)
I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this presentation. I had been following Scott on Twitter for some time now and I have admired that he has created a very strong personal brand. Some people love him and some hate him, but that’s probably the reason that he is quite popular. Within 5 minutes of the start of the presentation it was clear that Scott has a tremendous passion for marketing, and online branding. He covered lots of content with everything from his past professional experience that has led him to where he is, to how he created his powerful online personal brand. So if you’re not already following @unmarketing I fully recommend that you do!

Social Media Circle Jerk

Social Media Circle Jerking
Another session we checked out yesterday was the Social Media Circle Jerk Panel with: Kevin Airgid, Mark Evans, Andrew Lane, Michael Dolan and moderated by Jamie Woo.

The panel discussed the classic ‘jerk moves’ that often occur in social media. Things like telling your followers mundane things about your life, repeating tweets over and over, checking in on four square when you’re at home and other things that annoy the active social media user. The final reflection on all these things was however, that we’re all guilty of at least some of these things.
The discussion also ventured into the content that users post on Twitter. Should users that typically use the account for business post anything personal on their feed? Is it alright to be critical about others in the social media space? How much censoring needs to take place in social media? What I took away from the discussion was that there needs to be a bit of balance, for example, if you’re an individual that tweets mostly for your business, it is sometimes alright to post some more personal things to give a bit more context to your life and other things you might be talking about.

User Generated Content: The Audience Delivers

This session presented by Steve Hulford was a good overview of the usage of crowdsourcing content.
Steve touched on a number of case studies that used community user driven content to create things like theme songs and commercials.

An interesting point that Steve made during the session is that YOUR content that you want your audience to see (your website/contest/event) shouldn’t live on the social networking sites. You should build your community within these sites (Facebook, Twitter) and use them to push traffic to YOUR site where YOU own the content, not the community site.

Here’s a few tips in dealing with user generated content:

Don’t need to offfer cash rewards. its more about offering an experience.
Make it easy
Leverage Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic TO your site/contest/event.
Add in some communication for users through commenting on the content.
Have a manager in charge of the community that can be passionate and involved in the community.
Put the winner on TV, everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame.
Promote it, promote in every channel possible.

At the Heart of It: Struggling to Connect in a Virtual World

This session was presented by Ze Frank. If you are not already aware of Ze Frank go and check out is site immediately (http://www.zefrank.com).
To be honest I am not even sure what to write about this presentation. I will be honest and say that I wasn’t aware of who this guy was prior to the conference, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I was really impressed, (as well as many others were via the #nxnei hash tag) with the presentation. I think that Ze Frank’s website is the output of someone who is very smart, creative, has technical expertise and time to do what they REALLY want. The audience immediately knew that he was very passionate about his work and that he truly enjoys what he does. I thought it was very inspiring that he simply gets an idea that to him is amusing, funny or thought provoking and he carries it out into a project with his community of fans and followers.

A big thanks to Jason Hargrove for providing us with some photos, the rest of the event photos can be found HERE!