Not Responsive but So Inspiring Websites

Here and there we hear about responsive web design and responsive web sites aren’t the only sites that pack the right punch. We bring you a great list of beautiful sites that don’t care about responsiveness.

Responsive web design is about building multi-device web sites, the web sites that would work equally well on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones, and would “respond and react” accordingly. Today we bring you a list of sites featuring the variety of devices people use to surf the web. These sites belong to different categories and styles, but what they have in common is that they are designed using images of tablets, mobile phones and laptops. In other words, while responsive websites find their way to different devices, these devices in the form of images, sketches and illustrations find their way to different sites…its a paradoxal look at nonresponsive sites.

Images of computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones or other electronics are used so often in web design because;

  • they show that the web site is owned by the company that is building
    responsive web sites
  • promote mobile applications or iPad/iPhone games
  • help web sites to stand out from others

Now, check out the web sites below and take a breath of inspiration.

What are some of your favorite sites that aren’t responsive but feature “responsive devices”? Which above to you like the least, why? Tell us in the comments below! If you’d like to learn about the world of RWD, feel free to check an infographic on responsive web design.