Nature Inspired Typography

There is perhaps nothing quite so beautiful in the world as a lush garden of flowers. The colors, scents and overall look of floral accents add an organic variety to typography where we usually see it as stoic. 

It is no wonder that design has been so heavily influenced by nature or flowers. Typography is being a great example, showcasing hundreds of fonts created to mimic the organic look and flow of floral arrangements and plants in their natural environment.

While it would be impossible to make an exhaustive list, here are some of my these are my personal favorites.

Flower Inspired Typography-1


This is a double whammy, as it has both a plant-like and a vintage style design, managing to capture the look of something both natural and industrial, which is not an easy combination for anyone to make. The copper tone really adds something special to the feel of the lettering as a whole.

Flower Inspired Typography-2

Eco Environment

I have seen a couple of fonts that use a similar design, but this is my favorite of the bunch; It creates a full plant based font that includes flowers, vines, leaves and stems. It looks exotic, like something that could be found in either a jungle or a forest. The coloring is perfect, and even though there is a lot going on in the lettering, it still manages to be readable.

SiScott style

SiScott style

SiScott style

Janda Flower Doodles

These are flat out flower doodles that can make a great accent to anything you might be creating. The black and white make it ideal for minimalist designs that still want a bit of flare without taking away from the simplicity of final product. There are twenty-seven doodles in all, one for each letter of the alphabet and one extra.



Inspired by the victorian/baroque ornaments

Inspired by the victorian/baroque ornaments...


Every rose has its thorn, as they say, and this font is made almost entirely of a thorn and stem motif even though there are no blooms present it is clearly a floral design. It is very dramatic and intense, and would make a great font for any project that wants something more blunt than the softness of flowers.

Anybody seen my baby

Anybody seen my baby


This one is kind of retro; It kept a touch of the Flower Power motif without making it a hippie throwback. The use of hearts makes it very sweet, with hearts instead of traditional flowers.

Flower Inspired Typography-5

This image is courtesy of Flowers24hours

Summer Exhibition

Perfect for posters or web pages dedicated to summer events, this one immediately makes you think of the warmer months and everything that comes along with it. Including flowers that are growing strong through the summer days.

Keep Reno Green

Keep Reno Green


Beautiful for accents, this is a set of glyphs that is based entirely on roses. They are more intricate than many floral glyphs out there right now.

Do you know of any flower inspired typography that you are especially fond of? What are some of your favorite designs? Let us know in the comments!