Motorola ATRIX Smartphone Review

Hey folks, I have been lucky enough to test out the new Motorola ATRIX smartphone over the past month, thanks to Motorola Canada (@Motorola_CA) Here’s some highs and lows from my test month! So if you’re in the market for a new phone, or were thinking about checking out an Android device, here’s my experience!

Motorola ATRIX
Now I wasn’t really sure what the Motorola ATRIX was when I was asked to give it a shot. But after about 5 minutes of reading about it online I was pretty stoked. Reading a few headlines like:

Winner of Best Smartphone of CES 2011

The Worlds Most Powerful Smartphone

So let me just break down a few of the features that certainly gives this sexy device the rights to claim top spot at CES 2011. Also as a caveat, I am currently a BlackBerry Torch user.


This bad boy is FAST. Now I don’t claim to be some know-it-all tech expert so I can really only speak from experience. The duel 1ghz processors are MORE than enough speed for the phone itself, so what to do with all that speed?…

LAPTOP DOC – “Lapdoc”

That’s right, as you may have seen on TV (or in person now) the phone plugs into a laptop doc that instantly turns the phone into a laptop. Mozilla Firefox is preloaded and ready to go, so you can go from talking to working on a Google Doc spreadsheet in seconds. Amazing when you’re on the road doing work, or live-blogging at an event. Way easier than lugging your laptop around, and faster typing than a tablet. Oh and as a bonus, the built-in battery of the doc actually charges the phone while plugged in. Another nice perk was that there was no “ejecting” involved, just rip it out of the doc and go.
Motorola ATRIX lapdoc


The Lapdoc is fine, but let’s be honest the screen is still only like 11inches… When you want to relive a video you took (but don’t necessarily remember) from the night before you want it BIG. The HDMI dock can take care of this. Just pop the phone into the doc and BOOM it’s on your HD TV. You can choose to use it as a “Multi-Media Player” for video, photos or music, or use it as a bigger version of the Webtop software that the laptop doc uses. In the latter of those the phone then turns into the touchpad and buttons as used on laptops.
Motorola ATRIX HDMI Doc

HD Video

Well no point in blowing up that video from your night out unless it’s shot in HD, which it will be with the built-in HD Cam. Shoots beauty video and still photos.
Motorola ATRIX

Secure – Fingerprint Scanner

Worried that the wrong person might grab your phone and see that video from your wild night out? No problem the ATRIX unlocks using a fingerprint scanner built into the top of the phone, so your memories (or actual sensitive information) are locked away nicely. * and yes I did have a friend try and unlock the phone for about 15 minutes with no luck*


Now using this phone was pretty eye opening in a few areas that I now really notice my BlackBerry lacks. Screen quality and speed being the 2 biggest, but also the fact that the ATRIX is just really versatile. To be one of the best smartphones out there is one thing, but then to stream a full HD movie to my TV flawlessly is quite another. It really does much MORE than just being a phone, or smartphone. Still not a huge fan of the touchscreen keyboard, but that is really just personal preference as you all know. The phone does slightly vibrate with each key touch which makes the typing a bit easier.
The Android apps I found to be lacking when compared to the Apple App store, but really, that’s not really anything against the phone, and there are still far more apps than in the BlackBerry App World.


Well, my recommendation is really this. If you’re looking to check out an Android phone, this should be the one. The attachments are at an extra cost, but allow the phone to be extremely versatile. If you’re currently a diehard iPhone user, you likely are not going to be overy impressed, but still worth checking it out.
Fellow BlackBerry users, like me you are probably accustomed to the BB keyboard, and touchscreens make you both nervous and feel old because you can type worth a crap on them.
Thanks again to Motorola Canada for the chance to check this phone out over the last month!