Moo Business Card Inspiration Winners

Since I promised to announce the winners on last week’s Friday Fix, and I clearly made you wait over the weekend. This post is for the four lucky winners.

We had a great response on this contest, and some great answers, and both Dan and myself picked the below four winners. Some great comments here – be sure to show us your finished projects when they are done.

Congratulations to:

Jamie @ Business Card Critic

I would put my website URL on one side, and each card with have a different code on the back, and when someone comes to the website and enters the code it will bring them to a unique page.

Rhonda Brown

I would like to promote my website templates with the business cards. I would start by printing several different images of templates I plan to sell on one side of the card and my contact info on the other, so that when I talk to particular clients I can offer them the opportunity to choose any particular design on the cards. Even if the template has been sold the cards can work as a showcase of my work.


I would have a really intriguing photo on each card that when placed adjacent other cards creates a larger picture, like a puzzle. Then I would put a unique code on each card that when punched into my website, would show them which parts of the puzzle-codes have been punched in to date. If they want to see the whole picture, they have to check back. Even better if they send leads my way who then get their own business card and reinforce the process.

Contact info on the reverse side, of course…

I don’t know, but something interactive like that.

Matthew Mikulsky

[Concept Name: Pick a Card… Any Card.]

I’d make a deck of creative playing cards. Allow the person I meet to pick a card. Depending on the card they pick could result in winning free prizes. It could make the process really fun, and I really couldn’t do it any other way then using MOO! The card would be designed to look like a normal deck, but the king could be someone who looked like “Steve Jobs” the jokers could be “Bill Gates”. It would all be design related.

Pick a Card… Any Card :)

We would like to thank again for offering these great prizes.