Mathieu Beaulieu Interview

My name is Mathieu Beaulieu and I’m living in Montreal. I’ve studied 2D animation and have always worked as an illustrator. I have worked for many companies (video-gaming, advertising, animation). Since 2008, I have been freelancing full time… and I like that!

Where do you look for sources of inspiration?

Almost anything inspires me, I guess. A good thing about Internet is the simplicity that it is to discover new talented illustrators (they are frequently very inspiring).


What is your favourite aspect of illustration?

It gives me the possibility to express my personal vision about anything (and in the style I like).


What are your top 5 favourite websites?

1. (all applications): Crucial on any point.
2. : I use Netvibes to keep track of each blog I’m following.
3. : I like to listen to this radio channel while working.
4. : Great blog mainly about illustration.
5. : Great blog about video-games.

Who do you look up to in your field?

My favourite artist is Dave Cooper. He has such an exceptional talent. I love the way he combines “cuteness” to “perturbing”.
An artist I’d like to mention is John Kricfalusi. His extremely exaggerated cartoon style is very inspiring.


Can you take us through your character illustration process from start to finish?

To resume my process:
1. I do a couple of sketches on paper;
2. I scan the design I like;
3. I adjust my sketch on Photoshop (if needed);
4. I trace the line art with Flash;
5. When it’s done, I export the file into Photoshop in a very high resolution;
6. I’m coloring the image on Photoshop… till it’s all done.


What sort of social media tools do you use and find the most successful?

I promote myself on my blog. But there are a couple of other websites where I publish my art:

What piece of work are you most proud of and why?

The piece of work I’m most proud of is a short promotional TV ad for kids (Ciné Cadeau). I was the illustrator/designer and art director of the campaign and it turns out great. It was a success (thanks to all of the team at Télé-Québec and Tomas Leblanc – the animator).

Ciné-Cadeau ’08 – Promotional ad from Mathieu Beaulieu on Vimeo.

What programs do you use most?

I use Flash, Photoshop and sometimes Illustrator.

What music are you listening to right now?

Right now, I’m not listening to any music but when I work, I like to listen to The Beatles, Plume Latraverse, The Misfits, The Mars Volta, George Brassens, etc…


What would be your perfect dream project?

As an illustrator, they are many dream projects I’d wish to do. But I guess one of the coolest works I could do is the main designs of a videogame or a cartoon series.


What advice would you give to someone starting out in the design industry?

Draw everyday and be open to critique… it could help I guess.


Looking into a crystal ball, what do you think will be the next design trend?

I really don’t know. Sorry about that.
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What can we expect from you in the upcoming year?

I’ll try to make more personal illustrations and let’s hope professional work will go great too.