Logo Design: The Evolution of Popular Brands

An influential person once said “Good design is good business.” In today’s world when brand power and brand advertising has become the demand of the day, this little remark proves truer than ever. For this very reason, logos of different brands have a unique status and importance both in the minds of the consumer as well as the marketing and thereafter economic prospects of the seller.

Since the logo of a brand works as its identity, the logo design needs to evolve with the changes in time and sensibility. This trend of design evolution of logos is reflected in many popular brands, a brief discussion of which is given below. 

The Evolution of Logo Design



While the logo of a company acts as its identity and depicts an image of the creator’s vision, it is equally important to keep up with the changing design trends. In the case of Apple, the original logo was too bulky to be used across the various platforms Apple was planning to launch itself into. All the subsequent logos of Apple show a clear path towards a more minimalistic design while still maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Microsoft Windows


Microsoft is another company that has played quite a bit with the designs of its logo for Windows. From the monochromatic window panes of different sizes, to its more eye-catching flowing panes of the 4 colours- red, blue, green, and yellow, the design of Windows logo seems to have come to a full circle. Indeed if we analyse the latest iteration of Windows logo, it is distinctly similar to the logo’s original conceptualization.



As for Twitter, the social media company has also played with its logo design. While the original Twitter bird, or the Larry bird as it was so called after its founder, faced to the left, its later iterations have all faced right. Some of the Twitter logos in between went for a more detailed approach on the image of the bird, but eventually Twitter also embraced the simplicity concept and went for a block design. The most significant change in Twitter’s latest logo is the visual representation of the bird taking flight, likely signifying that this bird is going places.



Coca Cola, one of the top leaders in the beverage sector of the world, may quite possibly be the company to change its logo the highest number of times. Not only has the company experimented with the design of the logo, but also the type face used within the logo has been changed multiple times. The latest logo design of the beverage company involves a simple rectangular design with a unique font and elegant swirl in the eye-catching red and white colour.



Pepsi is another global beverage leader that has opted for many changes in its logo over the years. From its original logo with a unique typeface, over the time it has changed towards more minimalistic and simple versions, until the latest logo design skipped the text altogether and went for a simple circle with its distinctive red, blue and white colour set in a specific pattern.



The company IBM is a legacy of its predecessors and it is reflected in the evolution of its logos over the years. When the more complicated logos of the company failed to achieve its target, IBM ultimately chose to go for a simple logo that accurately defines its brand name and quality. The current IBM logo is famous all over the globe for its strong corporate image and the horizontal stripes that represents the company’s speed and dynamism.



The evolution of the logo of the AT&T Company reflects its unique history of split and reintegration. With its roots going to the very beginning of the telephone industry, the images on the logo over the years display its changing vision and goals. The present logo with the iconic globe and accompanying text of AT&T is widely recognised across the world and the symbolism of globe very clearly represents its idea of global access.



Ford being one of the largest automobile companies in the world has a distinctly recognisable logo which has remained largely consistent over the years. While its original version contained some extra words, all subsequent iterations of the Company’s logo involve a stylised Ford written over a background that has changed its shape over the years. The latest version is a stylized Ford written in an extended oval filled with two shades of blue.

Concluding Words

All the above discussions clearly show that the height of cultivation always runs to simplicity and therefore, a logo does not achieve perfection when there is nothing left to add, but it does so when there is nothing left to take away.

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