Welcoming a new lab editor to the team

We are so excited today to announce that we are welcoming a new member to the Inspiredology team. Some of you might already know him, and you would have already read some of his posts.

It’s been a long time coming, but we have now added Mike Puglielli as our lead editor and writer. Mike has shown his great quality of writing through multiple guests posts listed below. Mike brings a great eye for detail, and a no fear attitude for sharing his opinion, his Dribbble post was one of the most talked about post on Inspiredology whether you agreed or disagreed it was a great post to get people sharing their tough opinions about Dribbble’s stand in our industry. Those are the types of posts to expect from Mike.

Mike has been brought on to help with the quality control of Inspiredology and to add a new opinion on the blog. He has loads of great new ideas that he will be sharing in the future, and not only that he is a great dude that will fit perfectly into our team dynamic.

Mike first caught our eye when he released his critique on the Redesign of Inspiredology. His critique was professional and insightful, the points that were made were welcomed, and we welcomed his professional opinion. Since than we have followed Mike, and kept close contact with him as we trust his opinion and we look to him for feedback on creative projects.

It was only 3.5 years ago that I started this blog solo, now with the help from Andrew and Mike we are only looking forward!

You might have noticed already that we have added a new mad scientists to our header – thanks to Mathieu for his great work on the illustration. He comes through for us time and time again, his style is flawless.

Please be sure to welcome Mike to the Inspiredology team, you can follow him on twitter @thejellymon or just comment below. Plus, he will be posting a fun little surprise for you on Wednesday – so be sure to come back and check his first post out as an Inspiredology lab writer.

Connect with Mike – Dribbble  |  Twitter Website