Inspiring Examples of Green Business Cards

Printing business cards nowadays is cheap with the availability of online printing companies. All you need is an internet connection, a desktop publishing program, and a trusted printing company on the web. In a matter of a couple of days, you can have quality business cards in your hand.

You can go the traditional route with your business cards, but have you ever thought of green business cards? With a lot of individuals and companies joining the green campaign, it is becoming almost a fad to hand out your information in “green cards” of nearly any form.

Naturally, a great way to find inspiration for green business card options is by searching the web. In my own search for ideas, I succeeded in finding a few amazing examples of business cards that really took green business card design seriously.

Another Bloomin’ Designer

Now this is one design that really stands out, so I think it’s just right that it goes on top of my list. The concept was very simple. The designer needed to create business cards that people would want to “keep on their table and not on their pockets.” True enough, nearly anyone who receives this business card cannot resist keeping the card on the table, window sill, or desk to can watch the greens grow, straight out of the card!

Moo Eco Friendly Business Cards

These business cards are printed on 100% recycled paper and the card box (where you store your card and others too!) is also made from 100% recyclable pulp. Now you don’t have to worry about your cards getting creases and wrinkled when you put them in your bag and all the while you are doing our planet a favor.

Green Cards for Second-Hand Shops

This is a good suggestion for consignment shops. If you’re selling second-hand items, why not hand out second-hand cards as well? Blacken the name in front of other people’s cards and scribble your own at the back.

Business Cards On-the-Go

This is another ingenious way to create a green business card. Stamp your way to success with this take-and-stamp anywhere business card.

Landscape Business Card

The concept for this particular card is brilliant! It features a landscape plan, which in a week’s time will sprout green in the exact location the plants should be in the plan.

Leaf Business Cards: Tatil Design

Go green all the way with these real leaf business cards. Your logo and information are laser etched into the leaf with no ink required. Throw them out and you don’t have to worry about harming the environment—they’re leaves!

DIY Cereal Business Cards

This one project is exceedingly unique because these business cards are made the DIY way. The entire process is simple: just cut out your cereal boxes, lay out your business card design in your design program, pop the cut cereal boxes into your printer, and voila! You now have business cards made from your own cereal boxes. A business card like this could really turn heads; however, because of the time-consuming process you would only want to do this if you only need a handful of cards.

Cardboard Business Card

Reuse old packaging boxes to create your own one-of-a-kind business card. Although you would not want to do this for more than just a few cards at a time, it is a great way to create special business cards for your important prospects, and it is eco-friendly! This business card for Fiverr came from a MacBook Pro box. Rather than printing the text on such bulky material, Kaufman stamped them on, which really fit into the packaged look well.

Sustainable Cards for a Sustainable Company

Sometimes the most economical business card is one that uses sustainable materials, such as this one designed for a sustainable furniture business. Notice that the design uses only one color of ink: black. Beside the large logo, there are no big graphics. The text is also short and sweet to limit the amount of ink used.

More Hand Stamped Recycled Business Cards

Here are some more great examples of reusing scraps of packaging and stamps to create your own business cards. What really catches the eye with these cards is the interesting combination of materials. Try your hand at making your own by cutting shapes and patterns out of old magazines or fabric and pasting it to your business cards made from cardboard. Just be sure to use eco-friendly glue to truly make them “green.”

Recycled Flower Business Cards

This card for I Sell Secrets includes a large flower created from recycled materials. An idea like this is a great way to save some time on a DIY project, since you could print the business cards with a eco-friendly printer, using limited ink such as this card does. Then when you receive the cards, attach the design you created using brats, eco-glue, or even paper clips.

Shaped Cards from Boxes

The best part about these recycled DIY business cards is that they double as tags. The unique shape is very eye-catching and the materials used are beautiful. The image is on the back, but the designer uses the blank second side to stamp her information. Very clever!

If you have an inspiring green business card idea, let us know! It is always so enjoyable to see the incredibly talented individuals and projects out there, and it always inspires the rest of us creative people to go to new heights in our own design projects.