Inspiredology turns 2

As you already have heard, this week we celebrate Inspiredology’s second birthday, today I would like to recap our past years success, downfalls and talk about the future of Inspiredology.

The Sophomore Season

Looking back on last years birthday post, I wanted to compare the stats and see how much Inspiredology has grown. We didn’t reach some of the goals we wanted to but we surpassed the majority of them. This year Inspiredology has expanded in followers, daily visitors and new niche groups.

Bringing Andrew on board this year has really helped me in organizing the blog better and has also helped push out more content. Last year we had 96 posts, since then we have posted 156 new articles… WOW that is awesome. We can’t take all the credit though, this year Inspiredology also opened it’s doors to guest authors as well. And this is something we are going to be encouraging in 2010, we want to keep Inspiredology dynamic, and we want other opinions on here.

I believe the blog world is becoming over saturated with more and more blogs being created each day. I think some people should think about guest posting instead of starting their own blog. Every large blog is looking for guest authors and some guest authors become more popular by writing in different communities.

Not only did we have more content, but we have more of an active community with over 3000 comments this year – a huge plus compared to our first year of 1000. I must applaud all of you for that.

Inspiredology by the Numbers

156 Posts

3213 Approved Comments

945,694 Visits

1,637,004 Pageviews

78% Bounce Rate

1:28 Average time on site

3316 Subscribers

1710 Followers (chadMueller and dertMobile combined)

208 Countries

Most Popular Posts

31 National Geographic Photos

Cool Business Cards

Alfred Hitchcock Vanity Fair Photoshoot

42 Twitter Backgrounds

Inspiredology 2010

Enough about the past let’s talk about the future, yes Inspiredology will be getting another face-lift. This will be the third design of the site, and we are really taking our time and making sure this one really sticks. We haven’t really created the blog layout we really wanted yet, so we are working around the clock on this one. We are also working with a very talented illustrator Mathieu Beaulieu on the new site. So follow me on twitter as I will be tweeting some screens for you as we move forward.