Inspiredology News & Shameless Promotions

It’s been a long time since we’ve given you an update on where Inspiredology is at and what the future holds. Since we had an open spot for a post today, we’d like to share with you the latest updates on what the guys at Inspiredology are up to.

We have been hard at work making Inspiredology a more engaging, diverse, high quality blog. We hope that you have been coming back and finding out more great articles, getting more inspired and maybe learning a thing or to.

Full Week Posting Schedule

If you haven’t noticed it yet, but we have now been posting 5 days a week for half a year. We are very proud to be posting throughout the full week. We hope that you are enjoying our micro-posts such as the FYI and Designer Spotlight posts—full features to inspire the community and show artists who are fueling the incredible creative time we are in.

Our Friday Fix is still one of our staple posts every week, highlighted by great fan response, it’s an enjoyable weekly wrap-up that always produces some good gems and anchors down a solid week’s posts.

Exciting Future Plans

In the upcoming weeks and months, we have some exciting new articles coming down the pipe.

We are excited to be working on an HTML5 series of posts with bringing in some full featured articles on this upcoming web technology. We are pretty excited to working on these posts and hopefully you’ll dig them as much as we will. Also, we are still continuing to bring our Web Critiques, but are wholly interested in expanding our Web Critique post; if you have any sites that you think would make for a great critique, please submit them to us on twitter @inspiredology.

I can’t say much, but we are going to be having a killer giveaway exclusively to you our Inspiredology readers. This is something we have been working on to our loyal fans for just being fans. We’ve had great growth and communication with our community we wanted to reward the fans. You won’t want to miss this chance on winning a one-of-a-kind, exclusive Inspiredology prize.

Finally, not sure if you are aware, but our Facebook Page has become a great place (over 1,200 fans!) to see what’s going on at Inspiredology, get the latest post and news and interact with the Inspiredology team.

Mobile Readers & Design Considerations

We would love to know how many of you are using a mobile device to view Inspiredology? Are you checking out our site on your iPhone or iPad or using an Andriod device.

We think the site design is fairly solid, but there is always room for improvement. Especially with the rise of mobile, retina monitors and the number of devices reaching out to Inspiredology. If you have any feedback – please email our Creative Director, Chad Mueller, at chad[at]projekt19dotcom.

Looking for Developers

Chad is looking for a Ruby developer and an iOS app developer for a few months now. If you are interested in hearing a pitch about a new project, he would love the chance to discuss with you. It’s preferred if you are in Ontario, Canada but not necessarily a major issue.

Chad’s Shameless Promotion

From Chad:

I have been really busy this year, my wife and I had our first baby girl Sofie! She has been an absolute joy and she is already 9 months. I have also been taking on new projects, if you haven’t noticed, and I am now the community manager for the awesome Best Web Gallery created by Nick La. As well the community manager for Design Bombs, originally created by Soh Tanaka, and now being maintained by Max Spiker and myself.

Just this past week I wanted to update my personal website The site has been a central hub for my social networks and launch page to Inspiredology and other projects I work on. This time around I wanted a place to write and showcase projects that I am excited for. With the new blog I am hoping that I can post weekly ramblings about design, technology and behind the scenes content about Inspiredology and other sites I work on. I hope that you will subscribe or visit the site and become a weekly reader. Please if you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to let me know – you can sound off on Forrst.

We hope you guys enjoyed this little update on the team and the new happenings on Inspiredology. Of course we are always excited to hear from you and are always open to new ideas, comments, and the works!

Thanks for being great fans!