Inspiredology Flickr Group

This is just a small update… the Inspiredology Flickr Group is making some progress, and is finally building… There are some really good inspirational designs, photographs, websites already added to the group. So to the members, keep up the good work and to the rest of you, where have you been. I am going to be making the first flickr group showcase, once the group reaches 100 members.

The count is currently at 82… so let’s head on over to the group and join up

I created the group to see what others are inspired by, so post your most inspired works and projects, and I will try to feature as much as I can so we can share with the rest of the web.

Also the current Blogging Idol update… I have had over 125 RSS subscribers since the start of the competition, which brings me in the #9… position so let’s keep up the good work. I would like to congratulate everyone on the progress so far on the competition.