Inspired by Colour 2nd Edition

This regular blog series gives you a dose of ‘colour first’ inspiration. All of these brilliant creations have one colour in common – this edition, it’s a warm, sunny yellow. Inspired by all the great weather we’ve been having here in England (Yes, sometimes we have great weather!), below you can see a whole range of designs which share that colour, and take inspiration from the swatches that other designers have created around it.

Building swatches is often one of the more enjoyable aspects of starting a fresh project. Whether you specialise in graphic, web, UI or illustration, creating the right colour palette is absolutely crucial to making your designs beautiful. More than that, colour theorists have long contested the importance of colour for ease of navigation, functionality and communication. I’ve scoured the web, and found some awesome designs that share one familiar colour, and then put together a HEX colour palette for you to try out at the bottom of the page.


Who knows, who cares?‘ by Seth Lunsford


Mills High Viking‘ by Lain Lee


Teachers Night‘ by Pushing Giants


Sunshine‘ by Erika Mackley


Sit down for everything‘ by Sanket Avlani


Rock Rock Rock‘ by Caio Cardoso


‘CFC Intro’ by Usama Wagih



‘Guns ‘n’ Stuff’ by Matt Stevens


‘Batman’ by Jan


‘Lone Star State’ by Nicholas Gilbert


‘Django Unchained’ by Abel Su

If you’ve have been inspired to work with this posts featured colour, I’ve made it easy for you to put your swatches together based on the ones used in the above designs. Here are the HEX codes for some of my favourite pairings. Enjoy!

HEX codes 2-01