9 Innovative Business Card Designs

It is rightfully said that first impression is the last impression. This is also true in the business world. The only difference is that in the corporate arena, business cards are also a part and parcel of an individual’s or a company’s identity. From giving a potential customer a first look at your product to establishing your and your company’s unique identity, business cards no doubt play a significant role all around the world.

Since the importance of a business card has already been established, it is useful to note what constitutes a good business card. Most designers agree that a well-made business card has a creative element to it, sells you or your product and communicates the details with clarity. Considering these points, let’s observe some of the most creative business cards from around the world. 

9 Innovative Business Card Designs

1. Bombay Bakery


Bombay Bakery hands out business cards in the shape and colour of a freshly baked biscuit. With the details printed in the centre of the biscuit shaped card, the bakery certainly adds an element of tasty to the mundane business of handing out cards.

2. Bentply Furniture


This furniture company has come up with another unique idea for business cards where the company’s card folds itself into an arm back chair. Very comfortable indeed!

3. GreenPac


GreenPac is a unique company and unsurprisingly has a unique approach to business cards. With the company offering eco-friendly shopping bags, its business card is in the form of a small grocery bag made of card. The little handle of the bag adds to the design and does well to advertise its product.

4. Snap Photography

12-unusual-business-card 1

Snap Photography also has creative business card which is cut out in the shape of a camera and a picture of a camera is printed on the front along with quotes like You are beautiful! The details are printed in the back and the whole thing is an exercise in joy.

5. Lush Lawn and Property Enhancement


Of all the business cards ever made, the one from this company seems to be matchless in creativity in design. Shaped like a little envelope, Lush’ business card contain a small amount of seeds to plant in the lawn. The envelope is printed with the quote: For best result, spread this and add Lush. The business card not only sells its job perfectly, it also intrigues and amuses the receiver of the card.

6. Mais Pilates


Mais Pilates’ business cards sports a little paper stick figure with movable arms and legs that can be positioned in various pilates exercise positions. A great pitch and creative idea!

7. Tam Cargo


This is another company with an exceptional business card idea. The company card folds into a little cargo box with a flying plane on one side. This is certainly a wonderful approach to the business card design.

8. Divorce Lawyer


James A. W. Mahon may be stuck in an ungrateful position yet his business card conveys a great deal of creativity. His business card has a dotted line going through the middle and the card can be torn in half along the line. This tear line also divides the scales of justice in half which is printed along the line.

9. Master Trainer


Master Trainer Levin Tahmaz also has a great approach to business cards. His card is printed with the figure of an obese man that can peeled off to reveal the great body underneath. What a great idea indeed!

These were some of the most creative and unique business card designs. Here is to hoping it would inspire you to come up with a wonderful and innovative business card idea of your own!