Illustrating The Lab

As you may or may not know, we launched a new design for Inspiredology. Our biggest change around here is our massive beautiful design lab illustration. When I started thinking of what I wanted to do, I sat on the Design Inspiration Lab idea and – I thought what about a science lab out of control with design. I soon found Mathieu Beaulieu through PSDTUTS. I had the opportunity to interview him as he is a fellow canuck and we love sticking together. I approached him to create an illustration for us, his style is so much fun and has a laid back emotion. That being said – I would like you to welcome Mathieu, so he can explain his process of creating the lab.

Chad offered me to design the new header of Inspiredology’s website, which I gladly accepted.

Here’s a brief description of my creative process : I was asked to draw a laboratory including Chad and Andrew (founders of Inspiredology) and the scene should be focused on “science and design”.

The Sketches

I started making quick sketches, to throw some ideas around quickly. Just simple concepts, added some details, but just enough to relay the message to the client.
After exchanging some ideas, we established the final setup and I was able to sketch a more detailed draft.

Digital Sketch

When the final sketch was approved, I cleaned up the lines in Adobe Flash . This way, the lines are vectorized (more control over the curves) and still gives the look of a natural pen stroke.

I use Flash specifically instead of Illustrator because their functions allow for more natural workflow as well as it allows me to create unique strokes.

Colouring Process

For the coloring process, I imported the vector drawing into Adobe Photoshop. I then used the various colouring tools to create shadows, highlights and add more depth to the illustration. Lastly, the final colouring process is to bring the illustration together. Above you see all the elements coloured, but the illustration doesn’t feel together, adding colour overlays to bring the entire illustration closer to one colour scheme creates a more attractive illustration. It also feels like more of an environment then just a few elements put together.