Icon Design Expectations

Web icons reflect the business area the project deals with. To be effective, smart web icons should be created with love and awareness of the last web design trends. These stylish separators and pointers help to navigate throughout the website and attract the visitors attention.

What are the most prominent features of web icons design in 2011? See some information about modern trends below. We hope you’ll find it helpful for creating fantastic layouts.

Clean and simple icons

People like clearness. Try to make it simple and intuitively clear after 1-2 seconds of looking at the icon. Minimalism is quite a lovely feature when talking about icons. Clean style is still in great favor and makes the interface look trustworthy. Get rid of extra details and meaningless elements. Take care about the major idea and usability. And effective layout is guaranteed.

More white spaces let the page breath, lighter background let the eyes rest and don’t distract from the icons and other significant elements of the page. Make the icons stand out a little, but leave the clear structure. Sophisticated outlines are not in favor any more. Modern design requires sense and usability.

Give all the importance to smart details such as neat corners, appealing lines, pixel design. Get rid of extra rubbish and shadows. 3D looks cool but isn’t supported by many portable devices such as iPhones so they are not recommended to use. But surely it would be appropriate to use 3D or pseudo 3D icons if you present 3D products or services.

Large icons and rounded corners

The size matters. 72 dpi resolution and tiny icons are fading away. This year starts with the tendency to increase the sizes of all significant design elements. It’s high time to make your icons, buttons and logos bigger. Don’t whisper but shout about your goodies or services! Big icons will make your design look recognizable which is a nice indicant of brand awareness.

24×24 pixels is known as too small for the icons today. Resolutions grows with the growth of the screens. It’s more convenient to big icons in vector format. Big vector icons of nowadays are sketchy and simple, predominantly drawn in natural colors.

Rounded corners and smooth curves are more widely used than sharp corners. Rounded corners make the icons look reserved and more appealing than sharp ones. Today applying the rounded corners can be realized with the help of CSS3 scripting language. Friendly rounded lines will attract more users to your blog.

Natural colors

Speaking about the fancy colors of the year 2011 natural color palette is preferable. The renewal of the 12-color palette reminds us of the childhood when everything is clear and truthful. These plain colors favorably affect the viewers minds making them believe in your company and its facilities. Trustworthy colors beloved by the professional designers today are clear blue, yellow, red and green. Psychedelic colors are irritating and not stylish any more. Make it simplier and closer to reality.

Considering these recent trends of web icons design will help you to create awesome interfaces and bring more audience to your website. Get inspired!