How to Take Photos at Sunrise and Sunset

Most critically acclaimed photos incorporate sunrise or sunset. Lets explore how to better take advantage of these environments from photos taken by the finest photographers in the world.The reason these photographs are some of the best ever taken is because of their features, but getting these features is only obtainable if you know how to take photos correctly at these times. Here we will explore how to take photos at sunrise and sunset in more detail.

Novia Chan & Jason To

Winter reigns supreme

It may be surprising, but winter is actually the best time to take these photographs. As the days are shorter, shooting in the winter is much more practical and will stop you having to get up at a silly time. Shooting in June, when the sun comes up at about 07:15 and sets at just after 17:00 is better than March when there is a 12 hour gap between the sunrise and sunset.

Do some scouting before shooting

Deciding to turn up to the first place that you find and shooting a picture will essentially leave you with a mediocre picture at best, unless you happen to stumble upon the right area. Make sure you put in plenty of research of what the sunrise and sunset looks like in specific areas before shooting. This way, you can get an idea of what you may expect before you have even taken your picture. You should explore at least five different areas before deciding where to shoot.


Research, research, research

With this type of photography, just turning up and shooting is rarely possible. So on top of the points above, you also need to keep an eye on the weather. The main thing you should be looking for is how much cloud there is supposed to be.

However, this does not mean you should be looking for clear skies all the time. The best sunrise/sunset photographs are often taken with broken cloud, but it really depends on the effect that you are looking to obtain.


If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Brisbane or family photography in Brisbane, you should ask to see their current portfolio. When looking through it, you should see the photographer’s impression of sunrise and sunset. The quality of these pictures is often a representation of the class of the photographer because these photos are in most cases the hardest ones to shoot.