How to Develop Brand Consistency

With more businesses expanding their online presence through company Websites, sub-sites, blogs, and social-media portals, it is becoming more important to identify a successful branding strategy and staying true to it.

Customers are finding businesses through so many outlets, and are subjected to so many different brands, it is increasingly more important that customers are perceiving a company’s intended brand goals and intentions. Here are some things that business owners can keep in mind when establishing brand consistency across all platforms, both online and otherwise:

Visual Campaign

The visual marketing campaign is probably the most important aspect of a company’s brand. Logos, fonts, tag lines, slogans, mottos, avatars, and more should all have strong visual appeal, should properly convey the tone and image that the company wants to portray, and should be used consistently. Therefore, if your company has profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, customers should be able to instantly recognize your brand through the use of the same logos, tag lines, and other visual information. There should never be a question that this is a different company that just happens to bear the same name.


Online platforms allow companies to interact with customers in a way that they never could before, and this new communication opens up venues to build relationships and increase customer loyalty. Status updates, tweets, and blogs allow companies to show off their personality and style. Be sure that the tone you use in these platforms is consistent. Is your tone professional? Irreverent? Funny? Provocative? Is this the type of attitude you want to convey to your customer? Make sure that what you’re saying is being expressed in the same manner you want it to be received.

Information Sharing

The type of information you share may vary from platform to platform, but there should be consistency in the message. For example, if you want to promote a sale or a new product, you may choose to do so in different ways according to the medium: Maybe a coupon code on Twitter, a splashy ad on Facebook, and a provocative post on your blog. The key is to share this information across all your profiles and to promote the same message; inconsistency might arise if you were to discuss the politics of a news story on your blog, while sharing a funny picture on Twitter.

Inspect what you expect.

Multiple Profiles

If your company has taken an active approach to online marketing and networking, you probably have multiple profiles. There are hundreds of potential sites to promote your business, and each requires a unique profile. Make it easy for customers to connect with you by linking your profiles together, either through your Web site or your blog. There are many widgets available to share your multiple profiles and help customers connect.

Maintaining brand consistency across online platforms requires some strategy, but should be relatively easy to do if you follow the above steps. Establishing this consistency also increases brand awareness in your customers as well as build your company’s online reputation—which in turn helps you attract and retain customers, and extend your reach.

What are some of the ways you build rapport with your customers?