Guest bloggers wanted

Here is your chance, do feel that you have something to share with the Inspiredology community?
Well we are looking to have some guest posts for the redesign in February.

Here are some ideas on what you can write about;

Online inspirational showcases – The majority of posts fall under this category. CSS designs, flash sites, web elements.

Offline inspirational showcases – Again another popular category for inspiredology. Stationary design, apparel styles.

Photography showcases.

Tutorials – We are interested in getting some more learning tools on inspiredology, Photoshop, WordPress, Illustrator whatever your strong point is.

A more in depth style could be a detailed write up (using examples of course) of a specific brand, web element, graphic skill, popular redesign of a website or brand.

I would like to leave it up to you guys, I know there is a lot of untapped talent and inspiration out there.

If you would like to participate, you would get full credit of your post, with link to your site and short bio. If you could email us the ideas you have we can move on from there.
We will accept final HTML and image files zipped and sent via email.
We would like to speak with you before you start writing your post, we are always here to bounce ideas… we believe that quality comes first and we are here to lend the helping hand.