Great movie posters

I LOVE movies!!!! I watch as many as I can, and I would like to think that I am a movie buff. I am just throwing this out there, as I also love watching movie trailers, looking at movie clips, extras, and any movie graphics. Movie posters have been around for a very very long time. I love going to a movie theater and being swarmed by huge posters catching your eye in every direction. Out of the 20 or so movie posters that you are trying to digest we all know that the good ones will get more focus. Whether its powerful typography, subtle photography, or just an explosive summer blockbuster with your fav actor. Either way they are all very pleasing. So have fun.


zack_and_miri_make_a_porno_ver2 vantage_point

universe street_kings

ugly_truth twenty_seven_dresses

three_ten_to_yuma_ver4 three_ten_to_yuma_ver2

three_ten_to_yuma taxi_to_the_dark_side

syriana surfer_dude

Valentine_24x36.indd ruins_ver2


rocknrollhighschooldec06 rendition_ver2


rambo_ver2 punisher_war_zone

5x8_Theatre Banner (Page 1) pride

OneSheet (Page 1) premonition

poster 6 pka105

oceans_twelve no_country_for_old_men_ver2


Layout 1

my_blueberry_nights_ver5 my_blueberry_nights

MPW-33954 MPW-33859

MPW-33638 MPW-33673

MPW-33156 MPW-32573

MPW-24505 MPW-26144

MPW-19519 MPW-13061

MPW-12448 mpathedepartedposter

mpathankyouforsmoking mpascannerdarkly

mparunningwithscissors mpareturnofthekingposter

mparenaissance mpapunisherlenticularposterb

mpaplatoonposters juno_ver2

mpahardcandy mpacrank2

mpaangelsanddemonsposterb manchurian_candidate

mpamaxpayneposterfrb max_payne_ver2

madeas jkln9


Layout 1

last_kiss kiss_kiss_bang_bang_ver3



jkln4 inside_man

in_my_sleep im_not_there_ver3


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